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JobTestPrep Pre-Hire PrepPacks™

Before applying for a position at Wesfarmers, you should already be thinking about how to best prepare for the variety of aptitude tests that will be part of the hiring process. We have prepared top notch material that will sure to give you a head start and push you above the competition.

Start Practicing!

Let’s get You Hired:

What is the company looking for in an employee? How can you use these attributes to your advantage during the hiring process?


Emphasis Wesfarmers Values

  • Accountability: When answering questions during the interviews make sure to make it clear that you expect to be held accountable on your performance, can work within a tight delegated framework and understand the importance of protecting the company’s image.
  • Openness: The company wants to see that you are open to learning new tools and methods and are transparent in your ability to report back to management. Moreover, show them you can also bring your own ideas to the table.
  • Boldness: Your hiring manager will be checking if you are of leadership material, this would include clearly understanding company goals to help it along the way to spur even greater growth.
  • Knowledge, Engagement, and Delivery: Lastly, the company wants to ensure that you have the knowledge and ski-sets needed for the job, the personality to engage with those around you in an effective manner and ability to execute results.

Pre-Hire Tests

The company may use any number of tests to help them assess your readiness to succeed and excel in your new position. Here are a popular few.

SJT Test

There are four primary categories: Knowledge, skills and performance; Safety and quality; Communication, partnership and teamwork; and Maintaining Trust. The scenarios aim to place you in the shoes of an employee with an impeccable record both in terms of work ethics and as a problem solver. As the test progresses the work situations become more complicated as do the possible solutions.

Mathematical Test

Sometimes, numbers in the Number Series Test are substituted with letters. If you have many of questions with letters of the alphabet on your test, take time to write out the letters with their ordinary letters underneath. For example, the letter C will acquire the number 3, the letter T will be 20, and the letter V will have the number 22. After you write numbers under the letters, just treat the questions with letters as if they were questions with numbers. Doing this will save you time and will prevent you from erring.

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