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The final stages of your Coca-Cola Enterprises recruitment process may involve one or more interviews or an assessment center. You will be told ahead of time what to expect, but there are any number of assessments you can expect. Here we will go through these exercises one by one.

Coca-Cola Business Case Study

For many applicants, the Coca-Cola business case study runs through the entire day, including a written exercise, group discussion and presentation.

Written Case Study

In this exercise you are given 75 minutes to read a set of case study information and write up two reports on what you have read. Time management is key in this exercise as is reading quickly and the ability to pull out the most relevant information from the text. Gain tips and written exercise preparation with our practice pack.

Group Discussion

You are placed in a small group of other applicants for the scheme, and given 60 minutes to discuss the case study given to you earlier in the day. Your task is to come to a group decision about an outcome and plan of action for a specific problem in the case study. Throughout the discussion you are being assessed by a team of recruiters, who are marking you against your communication skills, team working ability and how well you listen to others. Plan your group exercise strategy ahead of time in order to give over the best impression.


The final task with the business case study is a short presentation. For this exercise you are given 30 minutes to prepare a 5 minute presentation on an aspect of the case study to deliver to an assessor. Learn more about how to craft and deliver a presentation that stands out with our presentation page.

Coca-Cola Psychometric Tests

Applicants to some positions will be asked to sit psychometric tests at an assessment centre. You will be told ahead of time which tests to prepare for. Read more about some of the tests you can expect, and how to prepare for them.

Coca-Cola Role Play

Some assessment centres involve a role play. In this exercise you are asked to take on a role of someone working for the company and work through a scenario with a role play actor or one of the assessment team. Your task is to represent the company and behave as though you are already in the job. Gain role play tips.

Coca-Cola Interview

All recruitment processes involve one or more interviews. For the majority of roles, this interview is a competency-based interview, testing your skills and experience against the required skills for the job you are applying for. In this type of interview, the interviewer is looking for you to tell him about times you have demonstrated these skills in the past with examples to back yourself up. Ahead of the interview think of examples that you can use, and get used to using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to organise your answer and include all relevant information.

Other questions at the interview will focus on your knowledge of Coca-Cola Enterprises, and of the specific area you are applying to. If you are applying to an IT position you may be asked technical questions as well. Prepare thoroughly for the interview by researching the company as well as drafting answers to common questions. Rehearse delivering your answers with our interview preparation service.

In Summary

Coca-Cola Enterprises offer a range of different entry points and exciting roles for experienced hires, graduates, and university interns. Competition for these places is high, and Coca-Cola expect you to prove your value to them at every stage. Learn more about the assessments you can expect, and how to prepare for them with our range of tailored resources as set out on this page.

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