Hilti PI Cognitive Assessment (PLI) Preparation

When applying for a career in one of the Hilti vacancies, you may be expected to perform pre-employment exams, such as Predictive Index Learning (PLI) among other challenges. The test checks your ability to focus and complete work under pressure, adapt to new ideas and environments, and use logic, maths and reasoning, among other metrics.  With JobTestPrep PrepPacks™, you will improve your knowledge to heighten your chances of success.

Hilti Tests

5 Full-Length PLI-style practice tests 


This PrepPack™ provides PI Cognitive Assessment-style numerical, abstract and verbal tests. Our product covers everything you might encounter through your Hilti hiring procedure.

For example, this test gives you verbal logical statements, which you are asked to assume whether they are true or false. Also, you would be asked abstract analogies.

Hilti & Its Hiring Process

Hilti is a subsidiary of Liechtenstein-based Hilti Corporation and is a worldwide leader in providing technology-leading products, structures and services to the construction industry.

Hilti employees are constantly developing new ideas, thriving off of challenges and acquire limitless opportunities for growth.

The different steps in the Hilti recruitment procedure are:

  • Online Application: The Hilti application process is simple and can be done online by searching through job vacancies and uploading your CV, along with a short cover letter and references.
  • Telephone Interview: Your application will be considered to assess your suitability for the role. If you are deemed suitable, you may be invited to a telephone interview with an HR recruiter.
  • Tests: Employers may present entrance exams for you to complete. These tests will provide an assessment of candidates’ cognitive abilities and character traits to determine whether they are suitable for the available jobs.
  • In-Person Interview: The interview process may consist of several stages, such as one-on-one session, a group interview and an assessment centre day. This day is conducted with a group of other applicants and includes case studies, role-playing activates and group discussions.

Test Names:

PI Cognitive Assessment, PLI, PI LI are all the same test by different names.

The Hilti Tests

Psychometric testing is an effective method used to measure candidates’ skills and compatibility for the position. Aptitude exams, such as Cut-e’s numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests, are timed evaluations which provide accurate representations of candidates’ capabilities.

The personality and situational judgment (SJT) assessments are used to emphasize one’s emotional intelligence, communication skills and positive work relationships, as well as their capacity to manage their emotions in the workplace. Leadership and managerial aptitude can also be assessed through these tests.


Who Else Uses the PI Cognitive Assessment?

Here is just a partial list of the wide range of companies which integrate the PI Cognitive Assessment into their hiring process. As you can see, the list is very diverse and the test can be presented to you in almost any field.

Virgin HolidaysDong EnergyIkea
Maersk BrokerSunrise Senior LivingGL and much more...

The PI Cognitive Assessment Rational

What are some of the basic metrics the test looks at?

  • How well one performs under pressure. 
  • Comprehension of complex concepts and ideas.
  • Adaption to new work and clientele environments
  • The use of logic and reason in a variety of situations. 
  • The ability to draw from experience, both positive and negative, to overcome difficulties.  $hrtag$

Tips for the PI Cognitive Assessment

To help streamline the PI Cognitive Assessment experience, here are some tips which can help you take the test faster.

  • Make sure you are tested in your mother tongue, you will score higher.  
  • If you cannot think fast on your feet, you will not pass the test. If you are not sure about an answer, eliminate the most egregiously wrong answers and then guess between the possible right ones. This will increase your chances significantly. 
  • Even if you do not know the right answer guess in any event. Remember, the wrong answers are penalized. 
  • Keeping in mind the test time limit, first jump to answer all the questions you are sure about and then go back to the ones you are uncertain. This trick will ensure that you waste no time. 

PI Cognitive Assessment Score

Here is what you need to know about PI scoring.

  • Raw –Simply adding up all right answers equals the raw score. Considering that the average raw score falls between 17 and 23, you want to aim for 23 and higher to increase your chances.
  • Percentile –If you score in the 75 percentile that simply means that you have outscored 75% of all test takers.
  • Sub-Score –Considering that the PI test is broken down into generally 9 subcategories, the  sub-score refers to the total tally of right questions on each sub-section.
  • Negative Scoring – Since you are not penalized for wrong answers, make sure to mark even the those answer of which are you not sure. This will increase your chances and only boost your raw score.

PI Cognitive Assessment FAQ Pack

Dialect - With access in over 50 counties in 70 languages the test is more accessible than ever. 

Scrutiny- The test has passed the highest levels of academic scrutiny from both the APA (American Psychological Association) and the SIOP (Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology.)

Insight - The test build and exclusive algorithms ensure that companies can explore the abilities of candidates with varying abilities and carrying different knowledge.   

PI Cognitive Assessment Sample Questions

Q1: Assumptions

Bob owns three computers.

Jesse owns more computers than Bob.

Jesse does not own more than seven computers.

Conclusion: Jesse owns exactly two computers. If the assumptions are true, is the conclusion:

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The correct answer is Incorrect.

According to the first assumption, Bob owns three computers. According to the second assumption, Jesse owns more computers than Bob. Thus, Jesse must own more than three computers.

Therefore, the correct answer is Incorrect.

Q2: Assumptions

Most employees of Restaurant J eat at Restaurant J.

No employees of Restaurant Y eat at Restaurant J.

Conclusion: Lucy, an employee of Restaurant J, eats at Restaurant Y. If the assumptions are true, is the conclusion:

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The correct answer is: Cannot be determined based on the information.

According to the first assumption, most employees of Restaurant J eat at Restaurant J. According to the second assumption, no employees of Restaurant Y eat at Restaurant J. However, no information is provided as to whether or not employees of Restaurant J eat at Restaurant Y.

Therefore, the correct answer is Cannot be determined based on the information.

What is next number in the following series?:

3    15    10    21    15    25

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In this series, 12 is added to the first number to get to the second. 5 is then subtracted from the second number to get to the third after which 11 is added to the third to get to the fourth and 6 is subtracted from the fourth to get to the fifth. Notice the alternate pattern: we add by one less than previously added, then subtract by one more than previously subtracted.
The next step is to subtract by one more than 6: 25-7=18.

3    15    10    21    15    25    18
+12    -5    +11    -6    +10    -7
Therefore, the correct answer is 18.

Word problem

In a box of marbles, the ratio of red marbles to total marbles is 2:5. The ratio of green marbles to total marbles is 3:10. If the marbles that are neither red nor green are blue, how many blue marbles are in the box of marbles if there are 40 marbles in the box?

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If there are 40 marbles in the box and the ratio of red marbles to total marbles is 2:5, then there are 40 × 2/5 = 16 red marbles.

If the ratio of green marbles to total marbles is 3:10, then there are 40 × 3/10 = 12 green marbles.

If the marbles that are neither red nor green are blue, then the total number of blue marbles is:

40 – 16 – 12 = 12 blue marbles.

Hence, the third option is the correct answer. 

Hilti Interview Questions

The Hilti interview process helps employers determine if you are the right fit for the company. The best way to show your personality is by sharing your values and preparing to answer interview questions with confidence. Interviewers want you to be yourself, show your passions and give real examples of your experiences. Some example interview questions are:

  • Describe a time when you disagreed with a co-worker and how did you handle it?
  • Describe your background and previous work experience.
  • Explain two situations from your past experience in which you had to delegate a difficult task and solve a problem.
  • What is your greatest accomplishment?

The "Star" method helps answer interview questions in an effective way by describing the "situation", what was the "task" at hand, what "actions" taken and what the "result" was.


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