Morrisons Assessment Centre and Interview

Morrisons assessment day is made up of a number of activities to make sure that you are a perfect fit for the company. The exercises and interviews vary slightly in their content according to the scheme you are applying to. The article outlines what you can expect. You may not necessarily encounter all of the activities listed; however, you will receive an email from Morrisons detailing which activities you will face prior to your assessment centre date.

Upon arrival in the morning, you will be introduced to the assessors who will be testing you throughout the day. You are then shown a half-hour video about Morrisons culture, ethos and values. It's important to pay attention to these values as they'll give you a better idea of what qualifications and characteristics the assessors will be looking for throughout the assessment day.


This is a one-on-one interview through which Morrisons aims to get a fuller picture of who you are. Some questions may be similar to the ones you experienced in the video interview while others are different. The interviewer will be looking at your work ethic and attitude to decide if you are a good fit for the scheme. Communication skills are important here and it’s useful to review the Morrisons key values and common interview questions beforehand.

Some questions are specific to the scheme for which you are applying, while others are more general. This is when the assessors get to know you and it is a good opportunity to communicate your strengths and express why you think you're a good fit for the job. Have a look at some more examples of competency questions and gain an advantage over other candidates with our interview practice pack.

Group Exercise

In this exercise, you are teamed up with other applicants and are given a task that you will need to complete as a team. Assessors are looking at your teamwork skills and how well you build relationships. Remember to act professionally and be polite, making your voice heard without overpowering others. To get a better idea of what to expect from the group exercise, have a look at our practice pack.

In-Tray Exercise

In this exercise, you will be faced with a situation that simulates a workplace office environment. You are presented with a large amount of information, as well as a number of messages and files that you have to process in a limited time period. The tasks for this exercise include writing an email correspondence about the information that you have been given as well as performing certain actions (like filing certain documents) based on that information. You will most likely also be asked to create a hypothetical daily work schedule as well as work out an activity plan. The purpose of this exercise is to assess your prioritising skills and how well you function when undertaking certain tasks under pressure. Our in-tray practice exercises are a great way to prepare.

Role-Play Exercise

In this exercise, you will have to act a particular role in a given scenario. The assessors also play a fictional role that you will need to interact with. Their role can range from an irate customer to your boss. The role you are given usually has a direct connection to the position or the particular Morrisons Graduate Scheme that you are applying for and you will usually need to solve a particular problem or issue related to your field. As this exercise can be crucial to your success, make sure to prepare with our practice role-play exercises.

Presentation/Analysis Exercise

For this task, you will need to create a presentation based on information provided at the beginning of the day. You then need to present it to your assessors in a clear and concise manner. The information is often given to you in company emails. Note that the topic of the presentation can be connected to any of Morrisons Graduate Schemes and not necessarily the field you're applying for. After your presentation, you can expect to be asked a number of questions about what you have presented. This exercise tests your ability to process and analyse data as well as your creativity and communication skills. Get ahead of other applicants with our presentation exercises to help you prepare.

In Summary

Morrisons is an excellent place to begin your career or continue up the ladder. The recruitment process can be demanding but with ample preparation, you can feel confident in your abilities and success. This article has provided guidance and preparation resources to help you along the way. Good luck.

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