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Reckitt Benckiser Tests


According to the information we’ve gathered, Reckitt Benckiser applies assorted tests for certain positions, usually to be completed online at home. Amongst these are the following, also provided on JobTestPrep’s RB PrepPack:


  • Numerical Assessment Tests – managing calculations, word problems and more. SHL tests are highly popular in this field - our exclusive SHL-style simulations are the only ones in the market that reflect its verification methods.
  • Excel Aptitude Tests -examine skills relevant for the position from basic usage to formulas, formatting, and charts. This test is usually administered at the company’s headquarters.
  • Inductive Reasoning Tests - hold a solid reputation for measuring non-verbal intelligence, using shapes, matrices, and diagrams. Test takers will attempt to discover the “rule” or pattern behind each sequence.  


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RB Hiring Process Tips


Which Types of Interviews May I Encounter?


  • One or more phone and Skype interviews are conducted for both initial HR screening and advanced stages. Expect resume review plus technical or behavioral questions right from the start. Also, schedule them for a time when you know a quiet surrounding is available, set up in advance, and leave room for delay.
  • Prepare for RB Case Study Assessments, where your problem-solving and analysis skills will be put to the test, along with leadership and personality traits if administered in a group. Typically, you’ll be assigned a hypothetical  project, depending on the job you’ve applied for. Case Study Assessments will take place at the Reckitt Benckiser assessment centre and/or on-site. Get going with our assessment centre simulations, along with commonly used case studies.


What Are Some RB Interview Questions?


  • The interview usually begins with your self-introduction. Therefore, preparing a fluent speech that emphasizes your best qualities and experience will assure you lead this part of the interview instead of the other way around.
  • A very important part of the Reckitt Benckiser interview is answering questions like : "Why us? Why this job? What do you know about our company?"
  • Next, make sure to practise with our large reserve of behavioral interview questions: “Describe a time in your career when you came up with a creative solution”, “How do you deal with conflicts?”
  • A second type of question you should foresee and exercise for are competency questions, examining your skills and comprehension of necessary terms in addition to or instead of an online exam. Those are asked directly or given as a written assignment, and can be practised with our test preparation packs.







Subsidiary Companies

Adams Respiratory Operations Sub, Inc.

New Bridge Holdings BV

Airwick Industries Inc.

Oriental Medicine Company Limited

Canterbury Square Holdings Sarl

Pro Pack, Inc.

Crookes Healthcare

R&C Holding B.V.

Glasgow Square Ltd

Reckitt & Colman Capital Finance

Mead Johnson

The R.T. French's Food Group Limited



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