The Anheuser-Busch InBev Aptitude Test

Are you applying for AB InBev? Did you know that all Global Management Trainees recruitment procedures require several serious assessment stages? Learn more by practising Saville-style comprehension, analysis, numerical and diagrammatic tests. Regardless of the position you are applying for, find the help you are looking for today!

AB InBev Practice
  • 2 Saville comprehension tests
  • 3 Saville analysis tests
  • 3 Saville diagrammatic reasoning tests
  • 4 Saville abstract reasoning tests
  • 17 Saville extra tests
  • Personality profiling
  • 21 Video tutorials & study guides

This PrepPack™ is comprised of Saville's-style Swift tests that include verbal, numerical, abstract and diagrammatic reasoning tests. Additionally, we have personality profiling tests. As a bonus, we will leave you with study guides and video tutorials to contribute to your interview date. Good luck!

AB InBev Job Options

AB InBev offers jobs across the world and recruits a range of levels, including interns, Graduate management trainee and experienced professionals. While every hiring process contains several stages and assessments, the exact tests you take depend on the role you are applying for.

AB InBev Application

The first stage is the online application form. Your application is the first opening you will have for any AB InBev job, thus carefully complete your form by answering all questions and choosing the information that best suits the asked question.

AB InBev Aptitude Tests

If your application is accepted, the next stage for graduate and intern applicants is a series of online tests. Most applicants will take the two tests, the first of which will either be verbal or numerical reasoning.

AB Inbev Cultural Fit Test

The purpose of this test is to get a picture of your personality and values then compare your answer to AB InBev’s employee body. In this test, you are asked to choose the trait most or least like you from a list of personality characteristics. You can find clues as to what AB InBev are looking for on their main website. After your research considering taking a practice test to familiarise yourself with the concepts, terms and traits included in the test.

AB InBev Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning tests usually refer to a number of different tests. They can include abstract, diagrammatic or inductive reasoning tests. Employers often use these tests as part of their online selection process. Tip: it’s easier to describe logical tests as non-verbal reasoning tests since they do not present you with verbal or numerical information rather shape sequences and the logical patterns.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests are designed to assess your language communication skills. In this test, you are given a passage and asked questions in an attempt to examine your ability to understand and use the information you have read. Verbal reasoning tests are usually timed, requiring you to read quickly and understand what you are reading the first time. Prepare for your test with our range of verbal reasoning practice packs.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests examine how well you can use numerical information to answer questions. In this type of test you are given numerical information in charts or tables and asked data-related questions. In order to pick the correct answer from the answer list, you must know how to use the four basic calculations, work out percentages, ratios, currency and more. There is a time limit to add pressure. Learn more about the test and how to prepare with our numerical reasoning practice packs.


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There are many steps in the AB InBev pre-employment process.

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AB InBev Telephone Interview

Most recruitment procedures include at least one phone interview, with two interviews for the graduate programme. This phone interview is a general interview with the purpose of finding out more information about your interest in AB InBev. You will be asked four questions allowing the interview to last 10-15 minutes. The questions you are asked are usually a variation of the following four questions:

  • Why do you want to work with AB InBev?
  • What appeals to you in the role you are applying for?
  • What challenges is the Beer industry facing?
  • What skills do you have to offer?

Before your phone interview, plan out answers from the questions listed above. Also, think of examples from your previous work experiences to expand on your answers. For further advice, take a peek at our online interview preparation pack and interview guide.

AB InBev Business Case Study Interview

Half an hour before this phone interview you are sent a pack of business data that including balance sheets, details on production figures, targets, ingredients, costs and competitors. Your task is to analyse the data and decide which 2 products (from a list of 6) to launch and be prepared to discuss it with the interviewer. This interview is challenging; you will need to be able to pick out the relevant information, understand it and answer questions using only this information. Before your case study interview, begin practising case study exercises with our online practice pack.

Ab Inbev Video Interview

Ab Inbev is notorious for using pre-recorded video interviews. In the video, each question is followed by a brief pause, allowing you to record and submit your answers. Thus, preparing beforehand comes in handy. Oftentimes, you will not be allowed to submit your answers a second time.


If Ab Inbev is impressed with your phone interviews, the next stage is an assessment day, also called ABI Day. ABI Day can be conducted in Belgium and will be your final chance to impress the recruitment team. You will be tested through a range of assessments including a group exercise and interviews. In some cases, you may be asked to take the aptitude tests for a second time.

Business Game Group Exercise

For this exercise, you are put into a group of 8 candidates and given a project to discuss and finalise amongst yourselves. Oftentimes, the discussion involves the direction of the product and strategy for it: investment, pricing and marketing. During this time, you will be assessed throughout the discussion by a team of assessors. They will be looking at how you contribute to the discussion and may ask questions along the way, allowing you to explain your thinking. You may also be asked to assess your teammates during the discussion. Overall, this can be a challenging exercise, thus, it is best to prepare beforehand. Before the assessment, plan your group exercise strategy by reviewing case studies. This will allow you to better present relevant information to further prove your points.

AB InBev Interview

The assessment day interview is carried out by two current employees, who will ask you questions about why you want to work with AB InBev, your motivations, skills and experience. Before this interview, you may want to consider preparing a few key examples to talk about for a variety of answers. It may help to think particularly about examples that highlight skills that AB InBev is looking for in their candidates. Don’t forget to prepare using the STAR method.

AB InBev Panel Interview

The final stage of the recruitment process is the panel interview. This interview may take place in Belgium, and once again, the day may involve online tests. This may be revealed in an email, so read your invitation carefully.

This interview is strength-based, meaning that the interviewers will ask you questions designed to assess your strengths and weaknesses. As with all other interviews, think about your strengths against the job profile you are applying for. It is wise to also use the STAR method (situation, task, action, response), think about your answers to common questions, and most of all, read up on the company beforehand. Another great idea is to prepare questions you can ask your interviewer. Give the importance of this interview - consider trying a mock interview with the offered preparation platform.

AB InBev Interview Questions

The list below is composed of stereotypical AB InBev interview questions. Thus, it may be smart to think of out-of-the-box answers.

  • Do you consider yourself more persistent than others? How?
  • Would your family and friends describe you as goal-oriented?
  • Tell me about a time there was conflict in your team.
  • Why should AB InBev hire you?
  • Describe a leadership position you held in the past.