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About JobTestPrep’s Johnson & Johnson SHL-Style Packs

Do you know what is involved in the Johnson & Johnson recruitment process? Our PrepPack™ includes hundreds of questions, full answer explanations and study tips to get you ready for test day. Studies have shown that advance preparation improves your chances of being hired. Start practising with JobTestPrep today.

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Johnson & Johnson Test

As part of the Johnson & Johnson recruitment process, you will be required to sit one or more aptitude test.The type of test you have to take depends on the Johnson & Johnson job you are targeting. However, you should be prepared to complete numerical, verbal, abstract reasoning and situational judgment tests. The tests are generally provided by either Talent Q or Saville. JobTestPrep offers a collection of practice tests accompanied by study guides, explanation and more in this PrepPack™.


Comprehensive Practice Drills Ahead of Your Johnson & Johnson Tests

The Talent Q & Saville Johnson & Johnson assessments will be a breeze when using JobTestPrep’s highly effective preparation materials. Those PrepPacks™ were designed to get you through every aspect of the Johnson & Johnson recruitment process. Ace your Talent Q & Saville assessments and Johnson & Johnson interview by signing up today!


Johnson & Johnson Interview Policy

If you want the job with Johnson & Johnson, preparing for their interview process is crucial. After submitting your CV, you will most likely be contacted for an initial screening interview held over the phone. If this interview goes well, you should be invited by Johnson & Johnson to participate in a face-to-face interview. The face-to-face interview will either be held one-on-one or in a group or panel. However, Johnson & Johnson also employ video interviews, in which they will send you the questions and which you will have to answer in a recording. 

Johnson & Johnson Interview Questions

  • What would you do if someone in the workplace took advantage of you?
  • Are you considering any other companies?
  • Talk about your advantages and weakness of the job.

Johnson & Johnson Presentation

If you have successfully completed the initial interview you may be invited -depending on your chosen Johnson & Johnson job - to a further interview where you are requested to do a presentation based on a case study. The case study may be analyzing a real-world problem from the company and providing an interpretation of the data and a solution.

Johnson & Johnson Assessment Centre Proceedings

The Assessment Centre has lately become a popular alternative to interviews and tests that many companies give as a part of their pre-employment assessment. In contrast to the usual method of the pre-employment assessment, the evaluation of job candidates at the Assessment Centre involves more than just tests and interviews and is thus considered more exact and fair. During an assessment event that may last a day or two, job applicants participate in group exercises and case studies. They also make a short presentation on a given subject. Other activities in which they may be involved in the Assessment Centre are role-playing and simulation exercises. While job candidates are engaged in these activities, they are being scrutinized by several assessors who give them points for their performance, which they compare between themselves by the end of the assessment day. Only a few job candidates receive high grades and are invited to the final interview with the company’s high managers, after which they may be given an appointment letter.

How Is the Verbal Test Scored?

Scores on the Verbal Reasoning Test are not calculated according to the number of questions answered correctly. Your raw score is not important, therefore. What is important is how well you do on your test comparatively to others, because your final score is calculated against the scores of all applicants who are either competing with you now or already working in positions similar to the one for which you applied. This is not the altogether good news for applicants, since they may lose, even if they get most of the questions right but are still outperformed by other candidates. Because your scores are evaluated relative to the scores of your competitors, it is risky to come to your pre-employment assessment without practising at home. Avail yourself of a brilliant opportunity to study with JobTestPrep’s resources and outmatch others who are competing with you.

What Does the Situational Judgement Test Tell My Future Employer?

The test can indicate much about you that will help paint a picture of how you might adopt within the company. Things like your commitment to professionalism, ability to communicate and how you work professionally within a team. Moreover, will take your pulse in coping with pressure and how you respond to easy or complicated problems.

What Can This Product Offer me in Preparing for my Johnson & Johnson Talent Q & Saville Tests?

Our comprehensive package will take you through everything you need to know before taking the Johnson & Johnson Talent Q & Saville test. Our answer explanations and keys along with comprehensive study guides will empower you with the skills to succeed. It is no wonder we are Trusted by the top universities across the United Kingdom!

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