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Explore IT, Technology, or Telecom Employers

Follow the links in the table below to learn more about the application and selection process of some known technology firms.

Tailored Preparation for IT, Technology and Telecom Employers
3M Atos BT
Fujitsu HP IBM
Intel Microsoft Ofcom
Telefonica Telstra Thales
Vodafone BBC SKY


More IT, Telecom, Media & Communications Preparation
AeroMobile AfriMobile Agenor Technology
Aircom International Airwave Solutions Amor Group
Aql (company) Arqiva Babble (company)
BES Utilities BioPharm (US company) Bluefish Communications
BrightHouse (retailer) British Approvals Board for Telecommunications British Rail Telecommunications
Broadband Stakeholder Group BT Group Cable & Wireless plc
Cambridge Broadband Canonical (company) Carphone Warehouse
Caudwell Group Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency Cignex
CIGNEX Datamatics Colt Group S.A. Communications Consumer Panel
Company85 Cramer Systems Creed & Company
CS Networks Daisy Health Daisy Wholesale
Dalya Mobile Darty Datapoint
Delete Agency Delight Mobile Dial-a-Phone
Dialog Vizz Dixons Carphone Dixons Retail
D-side (UK telephone cabling) e Interactive EE Limited
Electronic Beats Emnico Technologies Ensygnia
Entanet Epoq Group E-skills UK
Ethernet Active Line Access Fibrecity Holdings FleXtel
Followap Foundation Systems General Post Office
Giffgaff Global Cloud Xchange GrowthIntel
H2O Networks Hull Colour Pages Hutchison 3G
ID Mobile IPL Information Processing Limited JAG Communications
JT Group Limited KCOM Group KX telephone boxes
LONAP London Internet Providers Exchange Mapesbury Communications Ltd
MarketInvoice MDNX Mobal Communications
Mobile Systems International Now PAYG O2 (UK)
Open Data Institute Orange (UK) Origin Broadband
Oxford Computer Consultants PageOne Communications Paktel
Phones 4u POP Telecom PowaTag
Pulsant Rabbit (telecommunications) RAF Menwith Hill
Red telephone box SCISYS Shipserv
Skyguard Ltd Smallworld Cable Speedflow Communications
SpinVox Spirent Stan Mobile
System C Talkmobile TalkTalk Business
TalkTalk Group Tele2 UK Services Telecential
Telecom Electric Limited Telecom Plus Teleena MVNE
Telefónica Europe Telesoft Technologies Telewest
Tesco Mobile The Link (retailer) The People's Operator
The Phone Co-op Three UK Thus (company)
TL Incorporated T-Mobile Tribold
Truphone Tungsten Network Viatel
Videcom international Virgin Media Virgin Mobile UK
VT Communications Wauton Samuel WebMaker CMS
WightFibre XLN Telecom Ltd Other IT, Telecommunications Firm


What Is the Hiring Process for IT, Technology, or Telecom Employers?

Online application: When applying for a position, you will need to provide details about your educational history, work experience, and related skills. If the job lists specific requirements, be sure that your application shows how you fit these requirements. If you are applying for several different jobs, you should edit your CV so that it is suitable for each job and your cover letter includes the details listed in the job description.

Psychometric testing: You will have to take a variety of assessments which may include logical reasoning tests, personality tests, and situational judgment tests. 

Logical reasoning tests assess your ability to comprehend information and make inferences. You may be presented with a text and have to answer questions about it, or you may be presented with a number of shapes and need to say which shape would come next in the pattern.

Interviews: You may have to complete a series of interviews including technical, HR, or managerial interviews. You may have a combination of video interviews, telephone interviews, and in-person interviews.

Phone/Video Interview: Usually, the interview process begins with a phone or video interview, which are basic screening interviews. The purpose of the phone/video interview is to verify the information that you have provided on your CV, ask you about your motivation for applying for the position, and to schedule an in-person interview.

In-person interviews: Next, you will have a series of in-person interviews. Usually, one of the interviews will be technical in nature, and it will be conducted by a peer or your potential manager. You can expect questions relating to your work experience and knowledge. Another interview will be behavioural, and you will be asked a number of questions that will give the interviewer insight into your personality, attitudes, decision-making abilities, and work-related behaviour. This interview is usually conducted by a Human Resources manager or a hiring manager.

Assessment centre: Assessment centres are day-long pre-employment screening evaluations. At the assessment centre, you will complete a number of challenges which may include an in-tray task, a group exercise, a presentation, an interview, and additional psychometric exams. You will be evaluated not only for your performance in each task but also for your overall demeanor and interaction with the company's representatives and other candidates. Ensure that you maintain a professional and friendly attitude throughout the day. Remember that there are minimum passing grades for aptitude tests, so practise for them in advance.

Common Interview Questions at IT, Technology, and Telecom Interviews

It is helpful to get ready for your interview by practicing answering common interview questions, such as the following: 

  • Describe a time you had to handle multiple projects to meet a deadline.  
  • Tell me about a work-related conflict that you had.
  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? What about in ten years?
  • Tell me about a time that you had to deliver bad news.
  • Tell me about a project that you worked on that you are proud of.
  • For graduates: What was your favourite class at university and why?

In addition to these behavioural questions, you should also prepare answers to questions relating to your technical specialty.

How to Answer Questions About Your Strengths and Weaknesses at Your IT, Telecom, or Tech Interview

Candidates are often asked about their strengths and weaknesses. This is a difficult question to answer for many reasons.  First, you want to choose strengths that help your candidacy, but you don't want to appear boastful. Second, the strengths that you mention must be supported by your work experience. Third, when choosing weaknesses, it is difficult to find weaknesses that do not harm your candidacy but are true. So that you won't be caught off guard, we recommend preparing a list of a few strengths and weaknesses beforehand. Below you can find a few sample strengths and weaknesses that are good to mention in your IT, telecom, or tech interview.


  • Fast learner: The tech world is ever-changing, and workers must be able to adapt to new technologies.
  • Teamwork skills: You may find yourself working on a team, and you need to be able to work effectively with others.
  • Attention to detail: When dealing with technology, one small error can sometimes derail an entire project. Employers are looking for works who will pay attention to what they are doing and catch any mistakes that they may have made.


The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a weakness to talk about in your interview is that this must be a trait that is not important for the job you want. The following may be useful weaknesses to mention in your interview:

  • Leadership skills: This is good to talk about if you are not applying for a management role.
  • Difficulty taking initiative: Mention this weakness if you are applying for a job that involves routine work and you are not expected to be dynamic.
  • Cautious: Use this weakness if the role doesn't require you to take risks or think outside the box.