Volkswagen Group Management Assessment

Volkswagen Group is a leading multinational automotive manufacturer comprised of ten brands, including VW, ŠKODA, SEAT, Audi, Porsche, and Bentley. As such, the Group employs more than 600,000 people in a wide range of functions, from engineering to finance.  

When applying for a management position in the Volkswagen Group, whether you are a new recruiter or already working in the Group, you must complete the Management Assessment Center for executives. The first step is an ability assessment test.  

On this page, you will find everything you need about the Volkswagen Group management assessment, including types of tests, sample questions, and solving tips. 

Volkswagen Group Management Assessment

What's Included in The PrepPack?  

  • 5 Verbal Reasoning Simulations (scales verbal) 
  • 5 Numerical Reasoning Simulations (scales numerical) 
  • 4 Deductive Reasoning Simulations (scales lst) 
  • 3 Inductive Reasoning Simulations (scales ix) + study guide 


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What Is the Volkswagen Group Management Assessment?

The Volkswagen Group management assessment is a series of four individual cognitive tests provided by Aon/Cut-e. Each test assesses different skills and competencies required for managerial positions and leading roles – 

  • Verbal reasoning 
  • Numerical reasoning 
  • Deductive reasoning 
  • Inductive reasoning 

The AON/cut-e tests are known for being pretty challenging, not only for their strict time limit but also because you are given points for your correct answers and deducted for incorrect ones, which means that guessing is not always the best option. 

Let’s view each test and find out exactly what to expect when taking the assessment.  

Volkswagen Group Management Verbal Reasoning Test (scales verbal)

This test assesses your verbal proficiency and capacity to comprehend, examine, and interpret written information.  

You will be presented with a text divided into six tabs, followed by a statement.  

You will need to conclude if the statement is true, false, or 'cannot say' based on the information provided in the tabs. 

Note that each tab can only be viewed individually.  

You will have 49 questions to address in 12 minutes15 seconds per question.  

💡 Try to solve the following example within 15 seconds: 

Use these tabs to navigate between the different passages, then answer the question below:

All the cleaning staff is on standby every single moment.




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We don't know how many employees are on the cleaning staff, thus we cannot say if the requirement for three employees on standby (as stated in the first paragraph in the Responsibilities tab) requires all of them or just part of the cleaning staff.

The correct answer is 'Cannot Say'

Tip: To locate the relevant information, it is necessary to review all the different tabs Your answer must be submitted while you are on the correct tab, as even a correct answer will not receive credit if submitted on an incorrect tab.

Volkswagen Group Management Numerical Reasoning Test (scales numerical)

This test assesses your ability to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate numerical data presented in charts, diagrams, and tables.  

Like the verbal reasoning test, you will be presented with numerical data divided into six data sheets, followed by a multiple-choice question. 

You will need to perform the necessary calculations to reach the correct solution. 

You will have 37 questions to address in 12 minutes20 seconds per question.  

💡 Try to solve this example within 20 seconds: 

Use these tabs to see the different graphs and tables:

Overall, excluding the accessories and footwear departments, the remaining five clothing departments yield over 80% of total profit every year.




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The word "departments" in the question implies that the solution is to be found under the "Departments" tab. The graph presents the varying share in profit for each of the different departments across three years.

The statement deals with something that supposedly happens "every year". Since the provided data is a 3-year summary only, we do not have enough information to deem this statement to be true. We might, however, have enough information to decide that it is false, if we find at least one occasion that contradicts it. If in one of FYs 6-8 the five clothing departments yielded less than 80% of the total profit, this would be enough to determine that they do not yield over 80% every year.

We could add up the data for all five countries to check whether the result reaches 80%. A quicker way, however, would be to add the other two countries, and see if they exceed 20%:

In FY 7, the accessories and footwear departments together were responsible for
4%+18% = 22% of total profit.
This means that the remaining five clothing departments were responsible for
100%-22% = 78% of total profit, which is less than 80%.

Thus, we can determine that the above statement is false.

Tip: Questions based on graphs and tables may contain extraneous information that is not relevant to the solution. Read the question before examining the different tabs to make it easier to locate the needed data.

Volkswagen Group Management Deductive Reasoning Test (scales lst)

This test assesses your ability to acquire, deduce, and apply new information.

Similar to a Sudoku, you will be presented with a grid comprising multiple symbols with a solitary cell marked with a question mark.

You will need to determine which symbol replaces the question mark cell while ensuring that no two identical symbols appear in the same row or column.

You will have 6 minutes to complete as many puzzles as you can.

💡 Try to solve one yourself:

What symbol should appear in place of the question mark?


aon scales lst example


The shape missing from the fourth column is the X.

Having added the X to the bottom row, the shape missing from the bottom row is a circle.

Therefore, the correct answer is :

Tip: As an adaptive test, the difficulty level of the tasks will increase as the test progresses. This means that the grids will become larger and the symbols sparser, requiring longer and more demanding thought processes to arrive at a solution.

Volkswagen Group Management Inductive Reasoning Test (scales ix)

This test, also known as Discover Rules, assesses your ability to identify patterns and inconsistencies and analyze relationships within provided data.

You will be presented with a set of nine items comprising shapes, symbols, lines, and other elements.

You will need to identify the rule governing the series pattern and recognize the item that does not conform to this pattern.

You will have 20 questions to address in 5 minutes15 seconds per question.

💡 Here is an example from our prepPack:

Which object does not follow the rule?

The objects form a numerical series: When moving from one object to the next, the number of stars increases by 1 and then, from the 5th object onwards, decreases by 1.
The only object that does not fit this rule is H, which contains 3 stars instead of 2.

Another way to look at the question is to say that the objects form a formal series: Each time a new star is added to (and from the 5th object onwards, an existing star is removed from) the pattern of stars that appeared in the previous object.

It is not necessary to discern both the numerical and formal aspects of the series to reach the solution.

Therefore the answer is H.

Tip: The intricate details are the key to succeeding in the test. Carefully observe all the recurring elements within the series to uncover its underlying rule.

On the JobTestPrep Volkswagen Group Management Assessment PrepPack™, you will receive comprehensive simulations of all four tests – Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Deductive Reasoning, and Deductive Reasoning – all are true to the original AON/cut-e assessment.

After each test, you will receive a detailed result report with an overall score. In addition, all correct, incorrect, or unanswered questions are shown to you. You can see an explanation and solution for each question. By reading and understanding the explanations, you will acquire efficient solution strategies and learn to recognize the pitfalls of this test.

Volkswagen Group Personality Assessment (cut-e square)

You may be asked to take a personality assessment depending on the position you applied for, also provided by AON/cut-e.

Usually, you will receive information in your letter of invitation or from the HR department on whether you can expect a personality test in addition to the cognitive tests.

Aon offers different methods for different aspects of personality. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, as we may also be able to provide you with the relevant training tests.