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About JobTestPrep’s Talentpath Kenexa Packs

Kenexa-style assessment tests are Talentpath’s most common pre-employment tests. Our customized Kenexa-style PrepPacks™ will prepare you for every aspect of the Talentpath recruitment process and have been designed with your success in mind.

Talentpath Kenexa-Style Tests

This Kenexa test is created from a bank of 174 numerical reasoning items that are defined using the three-parameter Item Response Theory model. The numerical reasoning test is 20 minutes in length and contains 20 different questions. It assesses a candidate’s ability to interpret and analyze numerical data, work out percentages, and understand profit margins.

This 20-minute test is comprised of 24 questions. Candidates are given a paragraph of information followed by a statement. This statement is either true, false, or unable to be determined based on the information contained in the paragraph. The verbal reasoning test assesses if an applicant is able to communicate well with team members and customers.

The Kenexa logical reasoning test, which is commonly known as inductive reasoning tests, assess your capability to make correct conclusions and assumptions using the information presented in a sequence. Generally, this test will be used alongside other Kenexa psychometric tests, such as Kenexa verbal reasoning test and the Kenexa numerical reasoning test.

Kenexa Prove It Typing Test is the estimation of applicants’ typing skills. How well you do on the test is measured according to three criteria: raw words per minute, average mistakes per minute, and adjusted words per minute. Typing accurately and quickly is, therefore, important for succeeding on the exam. Although every company may establish its own speed limits for typing, an average speed is considered to be 40 words per minute. If you are vying for positions of the Secretary or Stenographer, you may be asked to demonstrate better typing proficiency and type between 60 or 80 words per minute. The format of Kenexa Prove It Typing



Gain the Skills Necessary to Prepare for Your Talentpath Kenexa Test

Our Kenexa-style PrepPacks™ were designed in order to give you an advantage over the other Talentpath candidates. We offer dozens of detailed practise Kenexa-style tests, as well as study guides and score reports. Begin practising today and outperform the competition tomorrow!


Talentpath Interview Policy

Talentpath will most likely begin with a screening interview phone call. After seeing that your resume fits the bill, a representative will call you to ask a series of brief background and technical questions to further weed out unwanted candidates. The next stage will usually entail a sit-down face to face interview where you will be asked more in-depth questions on subjects not covered during the initial phone screening or written application. Be ready for curveball questions and open-ended questions that provide your interviewer with more background info. Feel free to ask your own follow up questions to gain clarity and better focus your remarks.

Talentpath Assessment Centre Proceedings

An Assessment Centre offers a more precise method of evaluating potential employees’ suitability for jobs. Employers have long come to the conclusion that inviting job applicants to the Assessment Centre for a whole day or two yields more exact understanding of their professionalism and personalities than simply testing or interviewing them. Evaluating applicants during events at the Assessment Centre is more efficient because they are required to do different activities there: to participate in group discussions and role-playing, make presentations, take part in social events and case studies, and pass different written tests. Combined, these activities reveal job candidates’ personality and professional aptitude more fully. Among qualities that they bring to light in candidates are analytical thinking, commercial awareness, adaptability, and leadership. For employers, inviting job applicants to the Assessment Centre minimizes the risk of hiring wrong people. Participating in different activities at the Assessment Centre is not always a pleasant experience, however. Candidates are eliminated at every stage of the event. Not many of them, therefore, arrive to the final interview with a company’s managers that, if they are favourably impressed, may culminate in a job offer.

How Can I Prepare for Kenexa Tests?

The ultimate preparation to pass Kenexa Tests is to practise. However, there are further factors that can enhance and speed up your preparation process. For this reason, JobTestPrep created a concise preparation pack that contains not only Kenexa-Style Tests but also solving strategies, practice tips, and further tools designed by our specialist to help you gear up for the assessment. Start practising today with JobTestPrep.

What Is the Purpose of the Talentpath Personality Test?

The Talentpath personality test is used to measure and understand your workplace persona. These tests will give insight into your ability to learn new information, adapt to changes, as well as cooperate with your co-workers. There are technically no right or wrong answers to these tests, however, certain answers can make or break your ability to obtain the job you are after due to their effect on your overall personality profile.

Why Should I Prepare for My Talentpath Kenexa-Style Test?

Preparing for this and any kind of test beforehand will always give you an advantage. By preparing prior to your Talentpath Kenexa-style assessment tests, you will be able to familiarise yourself with the material and the correct responses. In this way, you will strengthen your ability to outshine the other candidates who will also be taking the same tests.


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