FDM Graduate Program Test and Interview Preparation

Are you facing the FDM Graduate Program recruitment process? JobTestPrep strives to offer job seekers the most accurate preparation resources. Our preparation resources improve your performance in the FDM interviews and tests. Take advantage of our study guides and score reports as well as the numerical and situational practice tests.  



FDM Graduate Program
  • 5 Numerical Sequences practise tests
  • 5 Verbal reasoning practise tests
  • 2 Venn Diagram drills
  • 5 SJT
  • Interview preparation
  • 3 additional numerical sequences drills
  • 6 additional verbal reasoning drills



This JobTestPrep PrepPack was designed for applicants focusing on the FDM graduate programme. This PrepPack includes a total of 26 tests and an interview preperation guide. Sharpen your skills with the 8 math drills, 11 verbal drills, five situational judgement tests and two Venn diagram drills. The practice materials contain exercises that cover the relevant subjects to assist you in getting ready for your upcoming assessments. It is important to familiarise yourself with the nature of your exams as it does not only help you solve the tasks faster and correctly, but it also removes the element of surprise. Furthermore, this pack also offers you interview practice and guides to help you stand out in your FDM interview. Make the most of your preparation time and join FDM careers with the help of JobTestPrep.