Get into Accenture Software Engineering Graduate Programme

Prepare for your application process with JobTestPrep, an industry leader in job selection preparation. Gain a significant advantage over the other candidates and make it into Accenture Technology Solutions (ATS).

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  • Digital interview: Smart & simple preparation software
  • Tailored interview questions + personal expert feedback
  • Case study: Full exercises + a detailed guide
  • Group exercises: Guides for common exercises
  • In-tray: Three exercises + answers + a complete guide
  • Bonus: Deductive reasoning practice drills + guide
  • Immediate online access | 24/7 Practice
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
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More about Our Digital Interview Preparation Software

Purchasing the Accenture Software Engineering Graduate Programme preparation pack accords you access to our smart video interview preparation software, which is available on both desktop and smartphone. This software allows you to browse through thousands of interview questions, record your answers as many times as you wish, and add annotated notes on your performance. This will provide a major boost to your interview skills and help you prepare for interviews with other employers as well.

The highlight of our service is the tailor-made interview session and accompanying expert report. Upon uploading your CV to the system and filling in several details, our experts will create a customised practice session and send it to you online. This session will include questions likely to appear in your actual video interview for the Accenture Software Engineering grad scheme.

You can then practise answering these questions by recording yourself with a camera and microphone through our smart software. Once you feel confident with your answers, you can submit up to 10 minutes of interview recording for our professional assessors to review.

One of our experts will go over your recordings and provide you with a personalised report within two business days. This report will include an analysis of your answers and offer you constructive feedback to help improve your skills in preparation for the real interview.

The video software, together with the detailed PDF interview guide included in the pack, offers you important insights into behavioural job interviews. These will help you gain confidence and improve your performance on both the digital interview and the first interview you will participate in during the assessment centre.

Important note: The pack provides preparation resources for the psychometric and behavioural aspects of your assessment, but not for the professional parts. As such, it does not cover the coding challenge or the technical aspects of the skills interview.

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Additional Preparation Resources Included in the Pack

The pack also includes the following guides and practice materials to help you prepare for the different exercises you may face during the assessment centre:

Group Exercise

In the pack you will find two guides for group exercises as well as detailed discussions of common types of exercises with recommendations for effective behaviour.

Case Study

The pack also includes two complete case study practice tests with recommended solutions and scoring forms. You can use these scoring forms to evaluate your performance according to the criteria real assessors look for. The pack also features a thorough guide explaining key points for solving a case study. This guide offers solving strategies for case studies as well as guidelines for their presentation.


The pack features in-tray practice drills accompanied by detailed answer explanations. The tests are timed, thereby allowing you to simulate solving the exercise under time pressure — a crucial aspect of preparing for your in-tray. In the pack you will also find a guide with recommended strategies for solving in-tray exercises. Reading this guide and practising the tests can help you learn about prioritisation, importance vs. urgency, managerial skills, and more.

Our case study, group exercise, and in-tray practice materials are not identical to the exercises you may encounter at the assessment centre. However, they will provide you with important tips and solving strategies, as well as help you improve the main skills required for successfully passing these assessments.

Accenture and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. Our materials are designed to help you prepare for the types of assessments you will encounter, but they are not identical to them.

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