LTP Test Practise

Get a higher score for your upcoming LTP aptitude test. By pre-practising, you can gain access to matrices tests, next in the series figures, personality and logical reasoning exams. Why tempt fate, be prepared and ready for your upcoming test!

Not the test you were looking for?


LTP Test Prep
  • 11 Matrices Tests
  • 14 Figure Series (Next in Series) Tests
  • 5 Logical Reasoning tests (Syllogism)
  • 9 Number Series Tests
  • 1 Full-length Personality Test
  • 3 Personality Guides
  • Money Back Guarantee – see Terms and Conditions



Ready for a sneak peek? Inside, find 11 matrice tests along with 14 next in the figure series, 5 logical reasoning tests, 9 number series exams and a single personality test to help with the interview itself. As a final bonus, we will help guide you through the latter process by attaching 3 additional personality guides.

Who is this Pack Aimed At?

This pack is for people who strive to join the leading HR services company in the Netherlands. If you long to work for a team of experienced business psychologists, business experts and economists, you have come to the right place. This pack will give you the upper edge needed to beat your competition. Sign-up today!