Prepare for Roland Berger's Korn Ferry Assessments

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Prepare for the Roland Berger Hiring Process

Founded in 1967, Roland Berger is the leading worldwide consultancy of German heritage and European origin. They have over 2,000 employees from 34 countries and possess effective operations in all major global markets. Roland Berger seeks to hire innovative and passionate candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Steps found during the Roland Berger recruitment process:

Application: When going through the Roland Berger application process, you are able to find vacant jobs online. Registering requires filling out your information and submitting your CV. You can also apply through a campus recruiter or an employee referral.

Telephone Interview: You may have a short phone interview before being invited to come in for in-person interviews. The phone call may be conducted by an HR recruiter to assess your personality and past work experience.

In-Person Interview: The onsite Roland Berger interview stage can consist of several phases. One interview may be brief in order to discuss your CV and personal fit for the career and company. The Roland Berger assessment centre includes a case interview with a focus on your technical knowledge, as well as group activities.

Tests: Roland Berger assessment tests are often conducted in order to evaluate your aptitude in regard to certain required skills needed for the position. The Korn Ferry tests cover a wide-range of subjects to evaluate how compatible you are.


Roland Berger’s Korn Ferry Assessments

Korn Ferry assessment tests may be conducted during the psychometric test stage. These tests focus on four aspects of leadership as the supporting factors of the recruitment process. These tests evaluate one’s behavioural competencies, experiences, personality traits, and motivators. Korn Ferry provides a number of different aptitude tests and Korn Ferry assessments which evaluate candidates’ personality. Aptitude tests may include the numerical and verbal reasoning evaluations.

The Raven test is a non-verbal reasoning test, which requires one to complete a pattern. The in-tray exercise assesses one’s managerial capabilities and problem-solving skills. A Personality Inventory test assesses one’s personality to determine whether they fit the job requirements and the leadership assessment pinpoints candidates’ leadership style. Lastly, the Talent Q assessments include the Talent Q Aspects and Abilities exams consisting of a competency-based questionnaire portraying one’s personality.

Roland Berger Interview Questions

Preparing to answer Roland Berger interviews often requires confidence and preparation. Questions may behavioural and competency-based, addressing your past work experience and how you reacted in certain challenging scenarios. These questions are applied for employers to get a feel for your personality and overall tendencies in the workplace. A case study interview may also be conducted to assess your practical and technical knowledge. Begin your interview feeling well-prepared by practising beforehand.

Interview questions may include:

  • Why Roland Berger?
  • Tell me about a time when you had a conflict in a group setting.
  • Case study: A gas station supermarket is facing a decrease in profits. Why is that and what do you suggest they do?
  • What personality complements you best/least in a team?
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