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What Is the Human Resources Consultancy?

Historically, the role of the Human Resources Consulting Sector has developed from management consulting involved in helping companies move their business forward, the defining feature that remains central today to the existence of the Human Resources Consulting. Indeed, the industry revolves around human resources management tasks and decisions.  The Human Resources consultancy dovetails in two directions: HR consultants can be either the Expert Resource Consultant or Process and People Consultant:

  • The Expert Resource Consultants analyse the company’s and people’s experience and professionalism and, based on their completed analysis, suggest solutions to existing problems. After the company’s management has accepted these solutions, Expert Resource Consultants assist their co-workers with their implementation;
  • The Process and People Consultants do not help companies implement found solutions. By using certain methods, they enhance their creativity and thereby empower them to implement these solutions themselves.

Another important responsibility that Human Resources Consultants shoulder is establishing close connections between employees and administration. This is achieved by several activities: HR Consultants regulate federal guidelines on discrimination, hire employees, and terminate them. They also interpret human resources policy and advise their organizations how to better implement it. They are largely responsible for employees’ and managers’ compliance with the human resources policy.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Human Resources Consultants?

The Human Resources Consultants perform a wide range of responsibilities. Among them are the following:

  • Analyzing the company’s human resources programs;
  • Offering consultancy and solutions to problems;
  • Advising the company’s managers on how to administer human resources policies and procedures;
  • Developing and implementing these policies and procedures;
  • Helping with the improvement of the workflow;
  • Analyzing information about special projects and developing projects for this analysis;
  • Conducting training sessions related to these projects;
  • Interviewing potential employees;
  • Hiring and dismissing employees.

What Education Should Human Resources Consultants Have?

To excel in the role of the Human Resources Consultant, you do not always need to have a master’s degree. As a rule, you are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration or any related field. To be employed in this role at the company of your choice, it is desirable to have at least three years of work experience in a human Resources department. What is also important for the successful Human Resources Consultant is to study constantly and remain up-to-date on the changes of rules and regulations that often occur in the industry. They need to possess a good knowledge of the latest technology and services available to them. To remain aware of frequent changes of Human Resources policies, HR Consultants are expected to attend professional development seminars and always adhere to guidelines for continuing education.

Some companies, however, do require their prospective candidates for a position of the Human Resources Consultant to have the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources Management. Employers think that receiving this degree is important for succeeding in the new workplace, because it enhances students’ knowledge in such important areas as finance, leadership, marketing, and management, all of which prove indispensable, when they start working in the Human Resources department. The MBA in Human Resources Management includes but is not limited to the following subjects:

  • Human Relations;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Marketing Management;
  • International Business Management;
  • Organizational Behavior;
  • Leadership;
  • Business Ethics.

If you hold the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources Management, you will have a clear advantage over other job candidates also vying for your desired position.


What Skills and Traits Should the Human Resources Consultant Possess?

Acquiring the bachelor’s or master’s degrees guarantees that job applicants have required knowledge of Human Resource Management or Human Relations. But to succeed in the role of the Human Resources Consultant, having the appropriate education is insufficient. Job candidates also need to have certain soft skills and personality traits that will make them qualified to work in the Human Resources department. Our Personality Test will help you to identify these traits and will teach you how to highlight them most effectively. Below are some of the qualities that are important in the Human Resources Consultants:

  • Good Communication Skills – HR Consultants should know how to explain difficult concepts and ideas simply. Not everyone understands human resources policies or other human resources concepts or procedures. Consultants should know how to make them understood by all employees;
  • Good Listening Skills – Understanding problems involves listening to clients and their needs. The solutions HR Consultants offer should always address these needs.
  • Theoretical and Practical Knowledge – HR Consultants must have work and life experience to see what solutions have worked in the past;
  • Good Analytical Skills – Consultants need to draw relevant conclusions from their work and life experience and know how to improve upon former mistakes;
  • Improvisational Abilities - Human Resources Consultants must be not only creative and adaptable but also be able to foresee and then implement multiple solutions to problems. They also need to adjust themselves well to changes, since the Human Resources Industry constantly changes.
  • Strong Personal Integrity – Building firm interpersonal relationships with co-workers and clients is crucial for the Human Resources Consultants. To do so, they must be trusted by others. Having personal integrity is, therefore, the key to their success in their chosen profession.

What Are the Most Popular HR Consulting Companies in the UK?

There are several highly popular Human Resources Consulting firms in the United Kingdom. The list below is necessarily limited to a few of them:

AT Kearney – This is a global management consulting organization that has offices in more than 40 counties. Established in 1926, it always seeks to deliver immediate impact and growing advantage to its clients. AT Kearney’s revenue exceeds US$ 1.1 billion every year.

Accenture – Founded in 1989, this company provides management consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. Although the company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, its offices operate in more than 56 countries, offering placement to 442,000 employees. Its revenue reached S$34.85 billion in 2017.

Arthur D. Little – Established in 1886, the company invented the concept of contracted professional services. It has also made meaningful impact on the development of operational research, the word processor, synthetic penicillin, SABRE, and NASDAQ. It has 36 offices worldwide.

Atos Consulting – This company is IT services corporation. It was established in 1988 and now has offices worldwide. Atos Consulting specializes in hi-tech transactional services, cloud, big data, cybersecurity, and unified communications. Holding numerous government contracts, it provides services to NHS Scotland, Home Office, Welsh Government, the UK Ministry of Defence, and the BBC.  

Capgemini – This is multinational professional services and business consulting corporation. It has over 200,000 employees in over 40 countries. Founded in 1967, Capgemini delivers services through four disciplines: Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing, and Local Professional Services. Its revenue reached €1.18 billion in 2017.

Explore More Human Resources and Consultancy Employers

Follow the links in the table below to learn more about the application and selection process of some known employers.

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