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About Accenture

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology service, and outsourcing company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company has offices in London, Newcastle, Manchester, and Edinburgh, as well as in numerous other locations across the globe.


Prepare for the Accenture Tests

Our mission is to lead job applicants to the successful conclusion of their pre-employment process. Therefore, we possess a rich arsenal of generic tests, each of which target different cognitive abilities and professional skills. Even if you see your test for the first time on your pre-employment assessment, you will still have the basis for answering its questions. Our carefully selected resources will improve your numerical and verbal skills, your visual accuracy and reasoning so well that you will pass your pre-employment assessment at the company with an unqualified success.

Accenture Application Process

The various graduate schemes at Accenture can be a great place to begin your career, but to join the ranks, you need to make it through the challenging recruitment process. Regardless of the programme or position you have applied for, your recruitment process will include:

Online Application

During this application process, you will need to fill out an application profile which also includes a personality questionnaire provided by Headstart. You will need to provide some details about your background, experience, skills, education and career objectives. If your profile meets the role requirements and you’re identified as a good fit for the company, you will be asked to move on to the next stage.

Online Tests

The assessments used by Accenture evaluate cognitive function and ability, tech savviness and business acumen. These tests are not timed; however, they will usually take at least an hour to complete. The online test comprises a mix of assessments using augmented reality, which scores candidates across key capabilities including motivated learner, online collaborator, tech advocate and client partner. According to various forums and blogs, the assessments used include mostly situational judgement test (SJT) questions and some numerical and logical reasoning questions.

Assessment Centre

If you have passed both the application and immersive assessment tests with flying colours, you will be invited to participate in an assessment centre. The Accenture assessment centre includes a variety of interviews, activities and virtual reality (VR) exercises.


Applying for a different programme or for an apprenticeship? Contact us and we will recommend the relevant preparation materials. Applying to Accenture as an experienced professional? Check out our Accenture Experienced Hires page.

Accenture Core Values

Accenture is founded on six core values:

  • Stewardship – Accenture aims to create a better company for future generations. It believes in taking responsibility, developing people and making efforts to improve communities and the global environment.
  • Best People – Accenture seeks to hire and retain the best talent and to cultivate a collaborative environment. The company develops and challenges its employees, and it expects them to demonstrate a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • Client Value Creation – Accenture puts emphasis on offering great value to its clients and being responsive to their needs in the hopes of creating and nurturing long-lasting relationships with them.
  • One Global Network – Accenture believes in providing great service to its clients worldwide, based on global experience, insight, relationships and collaboration.
  • Respect for the Individual – Accenture supports and promotes diversity. It wishes to foster an inclusive environment, in which each employee is treated according to the company’s values and his or her unique contribution is appreciated.
  • Integrity – Accenture encourages its employees to demonstrate high ethical standards, to be honest and to take account for their actions in order to gain trust.

It is important that you keep these values in mind and refer to them in every assessment throughout the selection process – from the online application form to the video interview and assessment centre.

Online Application Form

The Accenture online application form has several components. You are asked to fill in personal information and upload your detailed CV. You are also asked to complete some application questions regarding your educational background and work experience, as well as questions assessing your motivation. When answering these questions, incorporate Accenture’s key competencies into your answers.

You may also be asked to demonstrate your understanding of Accenture and the technology it uses to help its clients. Thus, we recommend you go to Accenture’s website and research the company.

If your application is successful, you will move on to the next stage of the process.

Accenture Assessments

The assessments administered by Accenture are used to evaluate your skillsets in a variety of areas. These may include:

Situational Judgement Test

During this test, you are presented with a series of questions. Each question presents you with a scenario you may encounter while working at Accenture. You are given several possible courses of action to resolve a dilemma or problem arising from the situation. You need to decide on the most and least effective responses.

Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning tests can either be written or visual and are used to assess your ability to think critically, make deductions and draw proper conclusions.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning assessments can vary in difficulty depending on the job level or role. These tests often consist of questions dealing with graphs, tables, number sequences and text.

Personality Test

Personality assessments look to uncover your attitude towards work, your communication skills, level of motivation and your values to gauge your potential for success.

Accenture Excel Test

Many Accenture jobs require you to be a confident user of the Microsoft Excel software. The exam tests your abilities so make sure you understand the types of tasks you should be able to solve. Start practising with the Excel PrepPack™ to ace your exam.

Accenture Interview Questions

Below is a list of questions that have been asked in Accenture’s interviews in the past (both in the digital or phone interview and in the face-to-face interview at the assessment centre). The exact questions you will encounter during your interview depend on the scheme for which you are applying.

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Why do you want to join Accenture?
  • Why did you apply for this particular scheme?
  • What does Accenture do?
  • How does Accenture use technology to help its clients?
  • Tell us about a time when you worked with a difficult team member.
  • Tell us about a time when you displayed leadership qualities.

Accenture Assessment Centre

If you have successfully passed the application and phone interview process, you will often be invited to attend an assessment centre. The Accenture assessment centre generally takes around 3 hours to complete and includes mini-exercises (individual and paired), a Virtual Reality assessment and a one-on-one strengths-based interview. Prior to the day of the assessment centre you may also be asked to research a relevant topic in advance. You will not be required to prepare a presentation for the topic but be asked to discuss it for at least 10 minutes with your interviewer.

Continue reading to learn more about what to expect during your Accenture assessment centre:

Accenture VR Assessments

The VR assessment is provided by Capp. It consists of three different VR environments, all of which evaluate the candidate’s skills and strengths in data interpretation, problem-solving, resilience, and the ability to work agile. Official information about the VR assessment:

Exercise 1 - The Egyptian Crypt: In this exercise, you will find a set of hieroglyphs and correct the sequence in as few moves as possible. There are lights that change on Anubis – yellow if a hieroglyph is correct but in the wrong place, green if correct and in the right place.

Exercise 2 - In this exercise, you will find ten podiums. Each podium comes with a problem needing to be solved (e.g. moving rocks into size order, naming capitals of respective countries, counting how many cubes there are in a box, making a castle with virtual playing cards, etc). Since two of the tasks are impossible to complete in the time allotted (7 minutes), the test is used to evaluate your project management and decision-making about prioritising - how you decide which tasks are worth doing, to get the most done, or how quickly you realise particular tasks cannot be solved.

Exercise 3 – The Office Simulation: The candidate needs to pick up virtual iPads and analyse the status of a live project, before ‘dialling’ into a conference call phone and recording a summary of the status of the project.


The last stage of the assessment centre is a one-on-one interview. This interview is conducted by either an HR representative or a manager.

The interview usually starts with some questions about the group exercise (e.g. how did you feel during the exercise, why did you choose a certain solution, etc.). You can also expect to encounter questions about your motivation and your knowledge of Accenture and its services, as well as competency-based questions. These questions will be similar to the questions you had during the phone interview. Here are some examples of Accenture interview questions.

The interview is your last chance to impress the recruiters and get into Accenture. To help you appear at your best, we have included in all of our Accenture preparation packs detailed interview guides. These guides, written by our accredited psychologists, offer important interview tips and cover different aspects of interviews. They discuss, among other things, competency-based questions and how to use the STAR method when answering them. They also provide sample answers to common interview questions. Together with the insights, you will gain from reviewing your video interview sessions, you are sure to come prepared to your interview.

The interview process of applicants for the Software Engineering Programme may also include a skills interview. This interview will be held by a technology manager at the end of the assessment day. It will focus on your technical skills and experience relevant for the job.

Prepare for Your Accenture Assessment with JobTestPrep

During your selection process for Accenture, you are sure to encounter some challenges. To help you beat them and get accepted into Accenture, our team of experts this unique PrepPack™. It includes practice for each of the concepts you will be tested on, as well as for your interviews and assessment centre. Give yourself an edge during the Accenture recruitment process and start practising today.


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