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Cubiks' Assessment Test

Other Schott applicants are preparing for the entrance exams, so why aren't you? Cubiks test is a compilation of an assortment of fields that cross, numerical, verbal and abstract, to name a few. The exam format also varies from test to test. This leaves you better equipped to handle the actual entrance exams. Thus, when you finally do find yourself filling out the assessment tests, you’ll feel confident and ready to endure them. Give yourself the competitive edge today with JobTestPrep's Cubiks test practice.

Schott’s Hiring Process

Applying to Schott can take time. The company is specific with whom they fill their vacant positions, and therefore, the average length of time to simply hear back from them can be a month. Once you have been contacted by them, the application process can end within 4 weeks. Below is a breakdown of the interviewing process:

  • Online Application: Most candidates apply on Schott’s homepage or through other unsolicited job seeking websites.
  • Phone Screening: Don’t be surprised if your phone interview is lengthy. Schott’s goal is to analyze if you are the best candidate to fit their job position.
  • Assessment Centre: It is possible that you may participate in a day-long event that will involve personal and group interviews, professional activities, role-playing and presentations.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: Depending on the position you are applying for, your in-person interview can last two hours. It is possible that you will be interviewed by 6 future employers or colleagues. Potential topics that are covered are on behaviour and your CV.



Common Interview Questions

Applying for any job is nerve-wracking. In addition to our extensive study guides, we want to give you an extra booster with a few sample interview questions:

  • Explanation of your past job positions.
  • Detailed information on your computer skills.
  • Give us an example of a difficult situation you’ve been in.

International Graduate Programme

Schott understands that not everyone has experience. The well-established company wants to help groom the younger generation. If you have a Master’s degree in management science and engineering or industrial engineering, Schott offers an 18-month international programme. In this programme you will receive training and gain knowledge with invaluable experience that will develop you both professionally and personally. Furthermore, in this unique program, you will be partnered with a mentor to ensure you are on the right track. Even if you do not stay on as a long-term Schott employee; you will be ready to journey into the professional world in any company. Applications can be found on Schott’s main website.

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