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How Can JobTestPrep Help?

At JobTestPrep, we are committed to assisting job candidates with practice materials specifically tailored to the tests they are administered during their pre-hire processes. To help applicants to get employed at QBE, we have designed close test simulations of the CEB SHL tests and supplied them with study guides and answer keys. With our test simulations, you will hone your Numerical and Verbal skills and subsequently improve your scores on your examination at QBE.

Driven to help you also during your interview, we have added to our top-notch PrepPack™ interview materials enabling you to feel self-assured and relaxed in your conversation with recruiters. Our interview resources contain the most frequently asked interview questions and impressive answers to them, along with various tips on how to behave and what to say to your recruiters to gain their admiration. By practising with our resources, you will nail your test and interview and will join the enthusiastic team of QBE Insurance Group.

What Stages Does the Recruitment Process Include at QBE?

The recruitment process at the QBE Insurance Group consists of several stages:

The Phone Interview

After your documents have been screened, you will receive a call from the company’s Human Resources manager. Be prepared to talk about your possible role in the company, your education, and work experience. You will also need to answer behavioural questions and questions related to your field of expertise. Brush up on your knowledge of Excel and PowerPoints because you may be asked about these programs as well. Our PrepPack™ includes Excel test that will help you recollect those functions that you might have forgotten. The Human Resources representative will also talk to you about QBE and its structure.

Sometimes, after your first phone interview, you may have another phone interview with your prospective manager. Expect to walk through your résumé and talk about your skills set and professional ambitions. You may need to focus on explaining how your previous work experience will serve the needs of the company.

The CEB SHL Test

Provided you succeeded in creating a favourable impression during your phone interviews, you will be asked to pass several online assessments. One of the tests that employers at QBE Insurance Group administers to its applicants is the CEB SHL Test. There are several of these tests: The Calculation Test, the Numerical Reasoning Test, the Numerical Series Tests, the Verbal Test, and the Verbal Reasoning Test. You may be invited to take one or several of them. Our sophisticated PrepPack™ consists of materials designed to prepare you for all these tests equally well.   

The SHL Calculation Test

This test is a reliable measurement of your ability to add, subtract, divide, and multiply full numbers, decimals, and fractions.  Each question on the test shows a mathematical equation with a missing number denoted by a question mark (?). You will be given less than a minute to look at the equation, after which you will become redirected to a different screen, where you will need to type the value of the missing number. Note that this screen will also be displayed for a short period of time before you are moved to the next question. A time limit is definitely a challenge on the Calculation Test. Preparing to it is, therefore, crucial. JobTestPrep’s high-quality test simulations will help you improve the speed and accuracy of your calculations and thus will guarantee that you score high on your examination.

The Numerical Series Test

This test requires you to find a missing number in a sequence. Given sequences can be of various degrees of difficulty. In more difficult sequences, it is the interval between the numbers that can be the key to the sequence. As a rule, on this test, sequences consist of 3 or 4 numbers and one missing number. To calculate the missing number, try first to check the arithmetic relationship between the numbers. If you do not see any relationship between them, then, there can be two number sequences interleaved, especially if there are more than 4 numbers in the example.

The Numerical Series Test sometimes contains letters of the English alphabet instead of numbers. This variant of the test is easier, because you can perform less arithmetic operations with letters than with numbers. A useful tip for answering questions with letters instead of numbers is to write ordinal numbers under the given letters of the alphabet. Thus, the letter C will have the number 3, the letter T will get 20, and the letter V will have 22 written underneath. With numbers written under the letters, you will be able to solve questions in the letters series in the same way you solve questions in the Numerical Series. To practise doing this, go through a few dry runs of our test simulations. They will help you understand the principle behind questions given in the Numerical Series Test and will teach you how to answer them quickly and accurately.

The Face-to-Face Interview

Good results on the CEB SHL Tests will bring you an invitation to the in-person interview at QBE, in any location convenient to you. Often, the face-to-face interview in the company takes the form of a panel; that is, you will have an opportunity to speak to several company’s representatives simultaneously. You will talk about your future tasks and your working experience. Be ready also to answer competency-based and situational questions. When you answer situational questions, use the STAR format. By focusing on the difficult Situation you faced in the past, talking about the Task you performed to solve it, elaborating on the Action you took, and summing up the Results that you achieved, you will give the most comprehensive answer to your recruiters. You may also answer technical questions related to your role. Below are several questions that you can be asked during your face-to-face interview with QBE representatives.

What Questions Are Asked During the In-Person Interview at QBE?

We have collected questions that real applicants received during their interviews at QBE in the past. Here are some of them:

  • Where do you expect to see yourself in five years? 
  • Why are you interested in this role?  
  • How did you overcome conflicts in a work setting in your previous workplace?  
  • Tell me about you that is not mentioned on your résumé;  
  • How do you handle stress?  
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What experience do you have across various lines of insurance?  
  • What is the current financial situation of QBE?  
  • How do you explain something technical to a non-technical audience?  
  • What distinguishes you from other candidates? 
  • What can you bring to our company?
  • Do you have any regrets?

Go over these questions attentively and compose clever, precise answers to them. If you come to your interview with ready answers, you will sound prepared and confident. Before you talk to your recruiters, also research about QBE Insurance Group, since some questions can be about its history, financial situation, and business goals. To ensure that you come to your interview well prepared, avail yourself of our excellent interview resources. They will help you sail through your interviews smoothly and successfully.

JobTestPrep devotes a lot of energy and time to developing helpful test simulations and interview materials. Do not jeopardise your professional future by spurning our help. Practise with our resources and start developing the insurance business at QBE Insurance Group.


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