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Are you expecting to attend an assessment centre as part of your job application? Below you will find more information about the different assessment centre exercises you may face. We have created a preparation pack that will really give you the edge you need to perform to your highest possible level. Continue reading to get a holistic understanding of what to expect during a typical assessment day. 
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What is an Assessment Centre? 

An assessment centre is often (but not always) a day that constitutes the final stage of the application process. These assessment days will either take place at the employer’s offices or at private centres. You are evaluated through a series of assessment centre exercises, including both individual and group tasks. These give your prospective employer a rounded profile of your competencies and an insight into your performance in the workplace.

Assessment centres usually consist of a four to eight-hour schedule over one or two days, although, in some rare cases, they may last for three days. The exact schedule for each employer varies for the simple reason that every company does things its own way. Imagine the situation — sitting in a room with a group of unfamiliar people, usually competing for the same job, and facing various assessment centre exercises that you have never encountered before. One word: scary! But with our preparation pack you will able to take on the tasks and exercises in the best possible way.

Assessment Centre Exercises Schedule 

Below you will find an example of a typical assessment day schedule. As you can see, there are a number of breaks that you can take advantage of by getting to know the other candidates and showing friendliness. Bear in mind that assessors are normally there during breaks as well. This isn’t just for the free coffee! They want to know how you behave in a more relaxed setting as well. Camaraderie is very important among workers as it helps morale, which therefore improves productivity. 

Assessment Centre Sample Schedule

Online Tests

As part of your application, you are generally asked to complete a series of psychometric tests in order to pass through to the assessment centre. In most cases, only candidates who successfully pass these tests will be invited to the assessment day. Even though you will have already successfully passed these tests, many companies require you to take verification tests to prove it really was you who passed the tests the first time. These verification tests are normally shorter than the original ones you took. However, of course, it is worthwhile ensuring your skills haven’t slipped, so check out our complete range of reasoning practice aptitude tests.

Understanding the Assessment Centre Case Study

In the assessment centre case study, you are presented with large brief, typically between five and 15 pages. The subject matter varies greatly between assessment centres, with some closely related to the work you are expected to do in the position and others that border on pure ridiculousness. However, the content of the case study is not under your domain or control. You have to demonstrate your ability to analyse information, to think clearly and logically, and to exercise judgment.

E tray and In-tray Exercises

In this assessment centre exercise, you are presented with either a paper in-tray or electronic inbox (e-tray). The difference between the two is purely presentation wise, with the in-tray being paper based and the e-tray being presented with a specially designed computer programme. You will receive e-mails, company memos, telephone and fax messages, reports and correspondence, as well as information about the structure of the organisation and your place within it. You are expected to make decisions, prioritise your workload, draft replies, delegate tasks, recommend action to superiors, and so on. This exercise is designed to test how you handle complex information within a limited time frame. To do well on this test you need to demonstrate your organisational and planning skills. Some employers also want to know why you have made certain decisions and may ask you to annotate items in the tray or discuss your decisions later. In-tray exercises are often a core element of the assessment centre.

Assessment Centre Presentation

Some employers will ask you to prepare a short talk or presentation. You may be asked to bring a prepared presentation to the assessment centre, but usually it must be produced on the day itself. You could be given a topic for discussion or have free choice; the subject matter is not necessarily important. Instead, the assessor wants to ascertain whether you can structure and communicate information effectively; deliver a concise, fluent, and coherent flow of ideas; and be ready to tackle related questions without hesitation.

Assessment Centre Group Exercise

In this exercise, you may be asked as a group to use equipment or materials to make something (how to move a golf ball from one table to another using a paper clip and a pipe cleaner, for example). The selectors are more interested in how the group interacts than in the quality of the finished product. Additionally, your planning, problem-solving skills, and the creativity of your independent ideas will be assessed.

Role Plays and Scenarios

You may be asked to take part in a role-playing exercise for which you are given a briefing pack and asked to play a part that is related to the position you are applying for. The setup might include a few "actors" and involve a day-to-day dilemma, placing you as the decision maker who is expected to cope with the dilemma and offer solutions. The assessors are looking for your individual skills, as well as your verbal communication and planning abilities.

Assessment Centre Interviews

Interviews are a crucial part of the selection process. In some cases, the assessment day includes more than one interview. These are conducted by hired assessors, members of the recruitment team, and/or by a senior member of the department you seek to join. A good interview performance can change the overall impression you make and even cover for other areas in which you have demonstrated a low performance.

How to Prepare for an Assessment Centre  

We know that preparing for an assessment centre is both a step into the unknown and also very stressful. JobTestPrep has prepared hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates for their assessment centres. By choosing our services, you are giving yourself the best chance of success. We look forward to assisting you in preparing for your job application.

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