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POSCO Hiring Process

Perhaps your future is in HRD management, sales or account managing, but no matter which position or career path you choose it is important for you to gain as much control as you can over the process. That means coming fully prepared on every level. Here are some important tips, which can help you through the process.

The Interview

It is important to note that POSCO may (depending on position and title) put you through more than one round of interviews. Each interview can take on a different style and will demand from you varying information:

  • HR Phone Chat: The first interview will generally take place over the phone with a member of Human Resources. Be prepared to cover your prior work experience, primary hard skills needed for the job, availability and your expectations for compensation.
  • Face-to-Face Interview: Note that these interviews can take place in several formats; one-on-one, group, and panel. Prepare to answer in-depth questions related to your hard and soft skills with curveball questions interspersed to through you off. To pass these interviews make sure you can articulate your area of expertise and of course develop your own questions for the interviewer.


Passing a pre-hire process like POSCO’s is never easy – make sure you are prepared for any pre-hire challenge.

Start Practicing!

How to answer and ask interview questions

Sitting in an interview is an art of being able to answer and ask questions. Here are a couple ideas.

Give an example of something that gets you motivated?

Try to connect this answer to your job. Perhaps it's receiving a tight time frame for a project, accepting new responsibilities or roles, and kickstarting a project on your spare time. Try to use a real story of how extra motivation brought you to new heights.

Would you ever start your own business?

This is kind of a trick question, as they are obviously not going to hire someone who is looking to leave. You can say that you have many attributes, which are needed to open a business, but that you would rather be at a company like POSCO. What type of KPI’s are used at the company?

Well, this is actually a solid question for you to ask them. Knowing what key performance indicators the company will use to measure your performance will give you a solid idea of what to expect and how to best prepare for smooth sailing.


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