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Prepare for the Needo Hiring Process

Needo is a brand of Zoppas Industries, producing creative heating solutions, with a commercial presence in five continents. Needo is the new collection of electric radiators that leads to more innovative methods of heating any environment. Needo employees are driven and passionate, officiating the improvement of Needo products and creating a positive work environment.

The step-by-step recruitment process is below:

Application: When you go through the application process, it is possible to apply online, with an employee referral, or through a recruiter. You will be asked to provide your CV as well as a cover letter.

Telephone Interview: An HR recruiter may conduct a brief phone interview with you for the following stage. This process occurs to see whether you are the right fit for the vacant career.

In-Person Interview: The next phase requires that you come in for in-person interviews. These interviews can be held as group or one-on-one meetings with a hiring manager, department head, or a panel of interviewers.

Assessment Centre Interview: Additionally, you may be asked to come in for one or two days of the Needo assessment centre, which entails group discussions, case studies, and activities.

Tests: The psychometric testing process includes aptitude exams, helping the Needo hiring team measure your cognitive aptitude, skills, and technical knowledge.

The Needo Aptitude Test Process

During the pre-employment tests, you can be asked to take online or written exams. Your cognitive abilities and knowledge are assessed when you take the numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests. Your final test scores display your overall algebraic understanding, comprehension of passages, and managerial skills. Additionally, the Microsoft Excel and word tests can also be given to assess how efficient you are when using these platforms in the workplace.

The situational judgement (SJT) and personality assessments accentuate your behavioural and personality attributes. How you’ve dealt with past challenges can show your behavioural tendencies. This technique helps employers choose suitable candidates for the job position.

Start Practising for the Needo Test Process with JobTestPrep.

Needo Interview Questions

When preparing to answer Needo interview questions, it is important for you to research more about the role’s requirements and practise giving over your answers. Questions may be competency-based, assessing how well you respond to challenges and predicting your future success based on your past experiences. The STAR method can be applied when you answer interview questions. When answering questions with this technique, you must first address the situation, describe the task, discuss the action taken, and the end result.

Examples of interview questions are: 

  • Why Needo?
  • Describe a time when you dealt with a difficult customer.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Describe a time when you handled a difficult situation.


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