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Practise for the Keter Recruitment Process

Founded in 1948, Keter Plastic, Ltd. creates and markets plastic garden and household furniture, in Israel and internationally. They sell their products through their own line of retail stores and have plants located in Israel, the United States, and Europe.

The step-by-step hiring process is detailed below:

Application: Going through the Keter application process can be done in several different ways. Candidates can apply online, with a campus recruiter, or through an employee referral. Applicants must also submit their CV along with any other required documentation.

Telephone Interview: An HR recruiter may at first conduct an interview with job seekers over the phone. These conversations are used to screen out unsuitable applicants by assessing their background. Work experience, and personality.

In-Person Interview: For the following stage, applicants will be requested to come in for face-to-face interviews, either conducted by one employee or a panel of interviewees. The Keter assessment centre day entails case-studies, group discussions, exercises, and written tests.

Tests: Conducting psychometric pre-employment tests are part of the Keter employment process. They give companies the ability to further evaluate applicants’ abilities and skills.

Keter’s Talent Q Test Process

Pre-employment tests give companies insight into whether applicants have the necessary skills, knowledge, and personality they are searching for in an employee. Talent Q’s tests may be administered during this process and differ from other psychometric exams in how they format their tests and ask questions. The Talent Q Elements is a series of three diverse tests; the numerical, verbal, and logical tests which evaluate candidates’ cognitive aptitude.

The Talent Q Dimensions personality questionnaire is performed online and provides a precise assessment of applicants’ various character traits. The Talent Q Aspects Style test is a shortened version of the previously mentioned exam. It is created for job positions which require customer interaction. This test examines candidates’ verbal-thinking, quantitative reasoning, and accuracy when answering questions.

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Keter Interview Questions

There are many types of interviews which may take place during the Keter interview process. During the assessment centre day, case interviews are normally used to assess a situation or encounter which interviewees are required to solve through the hints and helpful information they receive. Interviewers measure candidates’ ability to follow directions, solve problems, and work as a team.

Behavioural and competency-based interviews may also take place during this stage. This method uses the theory that candidates’ past actions and their behavioural traits give insight into their future success in their desired career. Furthermore, applicants may face technical interview questions, which focus on the requirements of the job position and the skills they possess which match.

Some interview questions which may be asked are:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to work for Keter?
  • What experience do you have that will be helpful for this position?
  • Describe a time when you faced a challenge and how you handled it?


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