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Preparation for the Imerys Hiring Process

Founded in 1880, Imerys is a world leader in mineral-based speciality solutions, extracting and processing minerals to use for diversified manufacturing materials. They have over 10,000 employees and offer heat resistance, mechanical strength, conductivity, and coverage. Imerys is exceptional in the core of its businesses, structure, commitments, and its backing as a high-quality shareholder. They create talent workshops to help Imerys employees become managers, and the Imerys Graduates Program provides graduates with a variety of positions in Asia, Europe, and North or South America.

Candidates who are hired initially go through an onboarding process to ensure that they feel part of the company and build their satisfaction and productivity. Every recruitment for a full-time career is assessed as a permanent position. For this reason, the Imerys employment process is taken seriously. Normally, candidates will go through three stages which involve an HR recruiter and operational staff as well. The process may be carried out differently, depending on the country in which the application process takes place, as well as the position.

Learn about the Imerys recruitment process below:

Application: When sending in your application, is recommended that you explain why you are applying to give the HR teams an understanding of your preferences and expectations. A form can be filled out online and your CV can be attached as well. If an opportunity which suits your profile comes up, you will be contacted.

Telephone Interview: If your CV and application display qualities which Imerys is looking for, an HR correspondent will call you as the first part of the interview stage. Phone calls help screen out unfitting candidates.

In-Person Interview: If all goes well, HR will invite you to come in for an interview to discuss your inspiration, your personality and fit for a career with the Imerys culture. After the HR session, you may meet the main managers of the position over the course of one or two meetings. Imerys Assessment Centre may occur as well, entailing a full-day group interview with other candidates.

Tests: Certain entrance exams are often conducted for the purpose of measuring your cognitive and technical abilities and skills. These pre-employment tests may be administered online or as written on-paper evaluations.


The Imerys Cut-e Test

Like all psychometric tests, cut-e tests are aptitude exams used as a well-known method for measuring an individual’s suitability for the vacant position. Some of the Cut-e (Aon) tests assess reasoning abilities in various subjects, such as applicants’ numerical, verbal, and abstract skills. The Cut-e numerical exam measures one’s ability to analyse and solve complex numerical data and find answers in a short period of time. Cut-e’s verbal tests score one’s comprehension of intricate verbal passages and information simultaneously. Cut-e’s Discovering Rules exam (Scales IX) is given out to evaluate apprentices’ and graduates’ logical non-verbal thinking skills and their ability to identify patterns. The cut-e Scales CLS test calculates one’s non-verbal logical thinking and classification aptitude.

Other assessments may be performed, such as the Cut-e Situational Judgement Questionnaire (SJQ), which evaluates how test-takers behave in conflicting work-related scenarios. The Personality Questionnaire displays diverse statements and asks each applicant to rate how correct the statement is regarding themselves. The Values Questionnaire examines one’s morals, objectives, and interests to see how well-suited they are for the company. Lastly, the Integrity Questionnaire seeks to foresee difficult behaviours one may display in the workplace.

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Imerys Interview Questions

The aim of the Imerys interview is to get to know candidates and offer them insight into the structure of the company. Employers wish to evaluate candidates’ technical ability concerning the position, and they will provide interviewees with further information regarding the position and work culture. Both HR and managers will reach a unanimous decision on whether or not to hire an applicant. Applicants are advised to come prepared with answers to potential Imerys interview questions.

Some interview questions which may arise are:

  • Why do you think you would be a good fit for Imerys?
  • What attracted you to this company?
  • Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?
  • Tell me about yourself. 
Imerys Subsidiaries
C-E Minerals, Inc. Liquid Quimica Mexicana, S.A. de. C.V. Kerneos SA Celite Mexicana, S.A. De C.V.
Luzenac Group AGS France Calderys Deutschland GmbH Para Pigmentos SA


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