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Pre-Hire Prep Guide for Icon Polymers

The road to success is often long and hard, but JobTestPrep has provided you with the ultimate shortcut so you can pass every segment of Icon Polymers hiring process with ultimate confidence and ease.

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Icon Polymers Beca Interview Tips

Have you ever wondered what you might be asked at the interview? Consider these examples.

Likely Questions:

  • What are your greatest strengths? Get specific for this answer and stay away from generalities. Create a few talking points around your skill-sets and use a couple juicy stories of how you best implemented them.
  • Why should we hire you? Aside from reiterating your hard-skills, also think of soft-skills you have or courses you have taken, which might give you the edge over other candidates. Also give a working example showing how you can easily integrate into new systems.
  • Why do you think our company is right for you? Show off your knowledge of the company by researching the heck out of the company beforehand. Company culture, direction, position in the market, recent growth or new products released or in the pipeline, which excite you.

Thomas International Testing

Here is some insight into the Thomas International online test, to help you begin to understand what is coming up ahead.

The GIA is an online test that consists of five different sections:

  • Reasoning – How you reason and draw logical conclusions says a lot about how you will act as an employee in real-time. The test measures your abilities by asking you to describe the relationship between individuals via questions relating to an associated statement.
  • Perceptual Speed – Your challenge in this section of the test is to identify pairs of uppercase and lowercase letters in the quirkiest time possible.
  • Number Speed and Accuracy – In this segment you will be presented with a series of three numbers in each question. It is your challenge to find the number, which is the farthest from the middle one.
  • Spatial Visualisation – Now for the mental teasers. You will be tasked in finding the similar images from a two rotating pairs of images on the screen. Hint - Make sure they are not mirrored.
  • Word Meaning – In this last section, you job is to find the most word, which is unlike the other two or rather the two, which are most alike. Only one is unrelated.

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