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Practise for the Hanwha Hiring Process

The Hanwha Group was founded in 1952 and has diversified since then, growing into a multinational company with 44 native affiliates and a global network which are found in about 56 locations. Their expertise is created among 3 main segments (manufacturing & construction, finance and services & leisure). Hanwha seeks to hire candidates who possess integrity and a challenging spirit.

Steps found during the Hanwha recruitment process:

Application: Completing the Hanwha application process can be done in a few ways. Applicants are able to register for an available position online, with a campus recruiter, or through an employee referral. Job Seekers are required to submit their CVs, along with a cover letter if requested.

Telephone Interview: The initial interview stage may entail a call from an HR representative. These brief screening conversations help hiring managers assess applicants’ skills and personality.

In-Person Interview: Onsite Hanwha interviews occur face-to-face and are either conducted by a panel of employers or just one hiring manager. The Hanwha interview procedure may occur at various stages and often includes an assessment centre day as well.

Tests: Aptitude entrance exams and other assessment tests may be an obligatory phase of the employment process. Psychometric tests give companies the tools to properly assess candidates’ cognitive abilities.


Hanwha Saville Test Preparation

Companies may conduct certain pre-employment tests to measure how well one can perform during numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning evaluations. The verbal reasoning exam assesses one’s complex written material comprehension. The numerical exam assesses individual’s basic numerical data knowledge and use of statistical information. The abstract reasoning test takes one’s decision-making abilities into account when comparing various concepts.

The situational judgement (SJT) and personality assessments were both formulated as a way to measure individuals’ behavioural inclinations and positive traits within work-related situations. These exams evaluate one’s reaction to multiple challenges and decisions. The hiring team uses the scores candidates are given to assess how suitable they are for the position.

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Hanwha Interview Questions

Hanwha Interviews may make you feel nervous, however, your confidence and knowledge are sure to improve when you practise beforehand. You can easily prepare for each Hanwha interview questions by reviewing some of our sample questions and researching more about the job position online.

Interview questions which may come up are:

  • What is your reason for applying to Hanwha?
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What is the difference between securities, business, and banking?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
Hanwha Group Subsidiaries
Galleria Department Store Korean Life Insurance Company Eco E&O Corporation Food1st Food Culture Co., Ltd
LDE Corporation Australia Pty Limited Hanwha S&C Co., Ltd. Hanwha TechM Co., LTD. Hanwha Constructions
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