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What Is Halifax?

Also known as Halifax Building Society, Halifax is a British bank. A wholly owned subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group, it operates as a trading division of Bank of Scotland. It was founded as a building society and enjoyed the reputation of the largest building society in the United Kingdom until 1997, when it became a public limited company. It was one of 100 companies forming the FTSE 100 Index. Halifax’s products and services include:

  • Bank Accounts;
  • Overdrafts;
  • Savings;
  • ISA;
  • Credit Cards;
  • Loans;
  • Car Finance;
  • Mortgages; and
  • Insurances.

What Is the Recruitment Process at Halifax?

Whatever the position for which you are applying, you will go through several stages of the recruitment process at Halifax:

The Phone Interview - After you have applied online, and your documents have been screened, you will be contacted by a Human Resources representative to talk about your work experience and career goals. The recruiter may also talk to you about the responsibilities you will shoulder if you become employed.

Revelian Test – A good impression created during your phone interview guarantees that you will be invited to take online Revelian Test. This is a Cognitive Ability Test aiming to evaluate job candidates’ general intelligence. Employers at Halifax invite their potential employees to pass Revelian test, because they are convinced that it reveals applicants’ personality traits and accurately predicts whether they will work devotedly in their new workplace. A high level of cognitive ability also foretells that job candidates will fulfil their tasks quicker and more accurately. Good results on the test also assure employers that their potential employees will be able to solve difficult problems quickly and effectively and will act intelligently and with a high degree of integrity in complex situations.  

Revelian Test consists of 51 questions, unequally divided into three broad categories:

  • Verbal;
  • Numerical;
  • Abstract.

What is peculiar about Revelian Test is that the difficulty of its questions gradually increases as applicants are progressing through it. Varying the difficulty of the questions allows to create a more exact and comprehensive picture of job candidates’ cognitive abilities and their personality traits. Applicants do not receive a raw score on the Revelian test. The test’s scores are percentile. This means that each candidate’s scores are compared to the scores of other people from a normative group. Comparing applicants’ score to the scores of others permits job candidates to choose the best specialists among them.  

JobTestPrep’s close test simulation can fully prepare job applicants to their upcoming testing. By going through a few dry runs of our Revelian test, job candidates will not only familiarize themselves with the test format but will also hone their numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning skills and, in so doing, will improve their chances of excelling on Revelian Test at Halifax.

The Face-to-Face Interview – If you do well on Revelian test, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview conducted in one of the bank’s branches. During this interview, you will have an opportunity to have a conversation with several of your future managers and team leaders. Expect questions about the information you have put on your résumé, your career aims, and understanding of the role you want to perform at Halifax. Other questions will be competency-based and situational. To answer situational questions more fully, use the STAR format. Following the STAR method will allow you to deliver exhaustive, interesting answers to recruiters’ questions and thereby impress them with the smart decisions you have made in challenging situations in the past. If you make a favorable impression on your recruiters, you will be put at the top of their list of job candidates for the applied position.

What Interview Questions Are Asked at Halifax?

Questions posed during the face-to-face interview at Halifax are of several types. You may have competency-based questions along with situational and technical questions. Below are some questions actually asked during face-to-face interviews at Halifax:

  • How do you organize your week?  
  • If someone holds a NatWest bank credit card, how would explain to him or her the benefits of Halifax credit card?  
  • What attracts you to Halifax, and specifically to the Investment Banking opportunity? 
  • Tell me whom you look up to other than your parents and why?  
  • How will your previous work experience help you in this role?
  • Where do you think markets are going this year?  
  • What are GAC and ASHX?
  • What is new in Java 9?
  • What is Spring-XD?
  • What is stock pitch?

Scrutinize these and similar questions and compose crispy, smart answers to them. Coming to your interview equipped with clever answers will surely help you create a lasting impression on your recruiters. Do not forget to read about Halifax before your interview, because some of the questions will be specifically about its structure and services. Consult also our interview materials. They contain tips on how to sail trough interviews that you may find helpful.

JobTestPrep does everything in its power to prepare job candidates to their pre-hire assessment at Halifax. We have brought together in our all-inclusive PrepPack™ accurate simulations of Revelian test and other tests that can help you sharpen your numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning skills. We have also added to these test personality assessment, by practising with which you may understand what specific qualities employers look for in their job candidates and highlight them to your advantage. Purchase our materials and build an illustrious career in Halifax.  


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