BDO Interactive Assessment – The Complete Guide [2024]

BDO (Binder-Dijker-Otte) is the fifth-largest accounting network in the world, specialising in consultancy, tax, and assurance services. The company employs over 48,000 people in 160 countries around the world. As such, BDO is highly selective with its candidates and has created a thorough multi-step recruitment process designed to assess your skills and suitability for the job and the organisation.

Our BDO Assessment prep package is crafted to ensure your success in the test, paving the way for you to progress to the next stage of the recruitment process! It includes:

  • Full BDO assessment simulation, mimicking the structure and type of questions you will have in the actual test.
  • Focus Practices, sharpening your Numerical skills and Reading Comprehension abilities.
  • Study Guides and Video Tutorials walking you through the different question styles, teaching you how to tackle and best answer each.
BDO Online Practice
  • Full BDO Assessment simulation
  • 2 Numerical Reasoning Practices
  • 4 SJT Practices
  • 8 Reading Comprehension Practices
  • 5 Study Guides & Video Tutorials

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What Is the BDO Assessment?

The BDO assessment is an aptitude test that evaluates your skills, competencies, and behaviours.

The test, provided by Amberjack Assessments, includes a blend of numerical reasoning, reading comprehension, and situational assessments.

The test itself is a simulation of a working day at BDO. You will be presented with an email inbox, in which you will need to respond to mail from your colleagues and clients. Each email contains a different type of question – SJT, Numerical reasoning, or Reading comprehension.

The test includes approximately 22 questions and has no time limit.

An additional behavioural assessment will follow, along with the pre-recorded video interview part of the recruitment process.

BDO Assessment Test Questions

BDO Assessment – SJT Sample Question

The BDO SJT (Situational Judgment Test) assesses your behaviour and attitude in the workplace and evaluate your choices, responses, and reaction to work-related situations.

You will be presented with a scenario and a list of responses. You will need to choose which of the responses is the most effective and which is the least effective.

The BDO assessment includes about 16 SJT questions.

Let’s take a look –

BDO Situational Judgment Test Sample Question

You have recently joined a big accountancy firm as an accounts trainee. You have been assigned several tasks, including vendor invoices, paying bills, and creating invoices for numerous clients. You are therefore committed to several deadlines. An experienced partner in your team, with whom you usually have lunch, approaches you. He asks you to join him at a conference next week as a representative of the company, presenting detailed information regarding the exclusive services your firm has to offer. This would be a great learning opportunity for you, but it will keep you out of the office for two whole days.

Do You:

(choose one of these statements that you feel represents you the most, and another one that represents you the least)

Skip the opportunity, as you must meet your deadlines and feel that, as a trainee, you are not yet qualified to represent the company in such a situation. Make a note to yourself to be more prepared for such an opportunity in the future.

Thank your partner and agree immediately to go, as this is a great opportunity. Try to move some of your deadlines and ask your fellow trainees to help you prepare for the conference.

Agree to go. Work extra hard during the weekend to meet all your deadlines and put in a few extra hours to prepare yourself adequately for the conference.

Thank your partner for his offer and try to find out more about your expected role in the conference. Then, figure out if you can meet your deadlines before the conference, and if you can, notify the partner you will join him.

Thank your partner and agree to go. Delegate your tasks equally among your fellow team members so you won't overload one individual person with all your tasks and ensure these will be completed in time.


Let's consider each response individually:

Best - Response #4: In this response, you show an ability to re-evaluate your obligations and prioritize your tasks. Only after doing so do you make an educated decision based on the information you have collected. This is a positive response choice that displays excellent decision-making skills and conscientiousness. You not only prioritize, but you do so well, by taking responsibility for your previous commitments.

Response #1: This response does not necessarily indicate an in-depth consideration of options, but it demonstrates an inclination to make choices based on what is in the best interest of the company. Although you are not demonstrating superior decision-making skills, this response indicates other positive aspects of your personality. This is not a classic positive response, but it is definitely not a bad one either.

Response #2: You agree immediately to your partner’s suggestion, without considering the results. By doing so, you fail to contemplate your options and prioritize your tasks. You take your colleague’s help as a given and put your own personal development above company deadlines and obligations. This is a negative response choice.

Response #3: In this response, you demonstrate ambition and determination as you are willing to work extra hard to complete your obligations and prepare adequately for the conference. However, you agree to attend the conference without re-evaluating your obligations and ensuring you will be able to meet all your deadlines in time.

Worst - Response #5: You agree to go, and you delegate your responsibilities to your colleagues. By doing so, you not only display an unwillingness or inability to prioritize your tasks but also a lack of consideration toward your co-workers, who are now expected to complete your workload. You don’t ask your colleagues for help; rather you delegate your tasks and expect them to complete them according to your deadlines without consideration for their responsibilities. This shows incomprehension of your position in the organizational hierarchy as you are not in a higher position than your colleagues and should not be taking it upon yourself to delegate your tasks to them. You prefer your own personal development over company deadlines and over team effort. This is a very negative response choice.


Tip: When answering these questions, you need to consider the main competencies BDO is looking for and try to align yourself with this approach.

BDO Assessment – Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

The BDO numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to interpret and work with numeric data presented in graphs, tables, and rations.

You will be presented with an email from your colleague containing numerical information displayed in graphs and tables. You will need to analyse the data and select the correct answer.

The BDO assessment includes about 5 numerical reasoning questions.

Let’s view an example –

BDO Numerical Reasoning Test Sample Question

From: Tom Jones

Subject: RE: Analysis of Smoking Habits in the UK


I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out to you as a data analyst at a public health services organization, with a task to conduct research on the correlation between major global events and the rate of tobacco consumption in various countries.

In this context, I would like to focus on the prevalence of smoking in the UK in 2002, specifically for the fourth largest age group. I believe that the results of this analysis will contribute to our understanding of the impact of global events on smoking habits and ultimately inform public health initiatives.

BDO Numerical Reasoning Question

Looking forward to reading your insights on this matter.

Best regards,


What was the smoking prevalence in the UK in the fourth biggest age group in 2002?






View Explanation

The first step is to find the fourth biggest age group in the UK in 2002. The age distribution in the UK between 1990–2010 is given in the pie chart. The 1st age group by size is 50+, which comprises 20.8% of the population. The 2nd is 0–15 with 20.2%. The 3rd biggest age group is 35–49, which makes up 21.4% of the population. The fourth biggest age group is 25–34 with 14.2% of the population.

Since now you know the required age group, you can look at the smoking prevalence, which is given in the line chart. The 25–34 age group is represented by a light blue line and star indicators. In 2002, the prevalence of smoking in this age group was 34%.

The correct answer is D


Tip: Take into account all the units of measurement used in the graphs and tables presented to you.

BDO Assessment – Reading Comprehension Sample Question

From:  Hillary

Subject: RE: Motivational Coaching



We are seeking some motivational coaching for our team. However, we are a bit sceptical regarding its efficacy of it.

I've done some research and stumbled upon an article discussing this topic. I would appreciate it if you read the article and answer what you understand about the efficacy of motivational coaching in organisations.

Thank you in advance,


Copied in information:

Motivational coaching has garnered attention as a potentially effective tool for large organizations, and a closer examination suggests that it can indeed be a valuable asset. Proponents emphasize its potential to increase employee engagement, boost productivity, and enhance job satisfaction. Coaching helps employees set clear goals and align their personal values with organizational objectives, ultimately leading to improved performance and retention.

While concerns and criticisms exist, including employee resistance, resource constraints, coach qualifications, and ROI measurement challenges, the consensus leans toward the effectiveness of motivational coaching. When implemented thoughtfully and with a strategic focus on employee well-being, it can contribute positively to the success of large organizations in today's competitive business landscape.

Please select one of the following options to reply: 




View Explanation

While not explicitly stated in the text, at the end, we can see that the conclusion is that motivational coaching is viewed as effective consensually. Therefore, we can infer that it will probably be effective despite any of the negative arguments stated in the text.

The correct answer is C


Tip: Optimize your efficiency by reviewing the questions beforehand to guide your attention to specific details, minimizing the need for frequent passage referrals.

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BDO Video Interview

The BDO video interview is a behavioural assessment provided by Amberjack Assessments. Similar to the Deloitte and HSBC Job Simulations, the BDO video interview is not a live interview but rather a recorded interview in which you are presented with pre-taped questions, and are asked to record your answers.

As with any interview, this step of the BDO hiring process aims to get to know you better and to check if you are a good match for the position you applied for. It is also your opportunity to present yourself and highlight your personality and work experience.

You will be presented with up to 5 questions that you will need to record your responses. These questions usually regard your motivation to work at BDO and your suitability for the job. For example –

  • Why do you want to work at BDO?
  • Why are you best suited for the service line you applied for?
  • What individuality will you be bringing to this role?
  • What really stands out for this role and organization?
  • Give an example of a difficult situation you experienced and how you tackle it.

The BDO Amberjack system will walk you through the interview, and you will have time to think about your reply before recording it. However, once you start recording, you will have a time limit of two minutes to complete your response, and you won’t be able to stop or restart your recording.


BDO Video Interview Tips


This is a real interview in every way
Although not face-to-face with a person, your recording will be reviewed by your recruiters. Thus, you should treat the video interview with all seriousness – dress as you would for a regular interview, keep eye contact with the camera, and speak clearly and confidently.


Be prepared
Before taking the interview, ensure you are familiar with the job description and the BDO’s culture, vision, values, and priorities. You should also plan ahead and consider the ways you would like to grow within the company and what career path you want to take.


Showcase your skills and competencies
This is your chance to shine. Emphasize your skills and competencies and show how you can use them to elevate the position and contribute to the company.

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BDO Assessment Centre

For some roles, the BDO Assessment Centre is the last step of the BDO’s hiring process. It spans a full day, including several tasks administrated online and in real-time.

Group Exercise

The group exercise assesses your ability to work as part of a team while thinking laterally and being yourself. You and your fellow teammates will be presented with a case study that includes a certain problem needing auditing and solving.

In this task, you will need to show your individual strengths while proving that you can collaborate with others, listen to what they have to say, and follow their instructions. The key is being assertive without being controlling.

In-Tray Exercise

The In-Tray Exercise is a written task in which you will be given a brief regarding an issue that often occurs on the job you applied for. You will need to prepare a report on the case, including a course of action for dealing with or solving the issue.


In the presentation task, you will be given a brief and some reading material on a certain topic. You will need to prepare and deliver a 20-minute presentation.

Final Interview

A face-to-face interview with your recruiter. This is your last opportunity to show your motivation for getting the job and demonstrate your skills and personality.


BDO Assessment Centre Tips


Stand out
The BDO virtual assessment is your last chance to impress and prove that you are the best fit for the job. Thus, in all the tasks, especially in the group exercise, you need to shine above the other candidates and bring out your personality, skills, and social and collaborative capabilities.

Be thorough
Make sure you understand each assignment and go over all the relevant details, particularly in the presentation task, where you need to cover all the essential objectives.

Call into question
The day is your opportunity to learn more about the role and the company, so come with prepared questions, and feel free to ask your recruiters everything you need to know to understand better what to expect in your new job.

BDO Graduate Scheme

BDO offers graduate programmes in a wide range of business areas, such as tax, audit, finance, and forensic services. The graduate programs usually last three years and lead to a Level 7 Accountancy or Taxation Professional Apprenticeship, equivalent to a master’s degree.

To qualify for the BDO graduate programme, you should meet the following requirements –

  • Being a second-year undergraduate university student on a four-year degree
  • Obtain at least a 2:2 degree in any discipline
  • Obtain three A-level at A* to C (excluding General Studies and Extended Projects)
  • A 9 – 4 in English and Math at GCSE or equivalent

The deadline for applications is aligned with the presentation dates. Also, the company has an open round for recent graduates. 

The BDO assessment is an online test evaluating the skills and characteristics of candidates. It comprises SJT, numerical reasoning, and reading comprehension questions, as well as an online pre-recorded interview.

To ensure your success in the BDO assessment, you need to familiarise yourself with the test’s structure and type of questions.

The ability and personality section of the BDO assessment has no time limit. In the video interview section of the assessment, you will have a time limit of 2 minutes to record your response.