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About Mazars PrepPack

Mazars is a financial services company advising clients in many areas including insurance, banking and retail. Positions at Mazars are in three major areas: school leavers, graduates and experienced hires. A position at Mazars is widely considered to be full of challenges and highly rewarding and for this reason, recruitment can be highly competitive. JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the entire Mazars application process. 

See details about the different stages of the recruitment process below. The Mazars experienced hires’ recruitment process includes the online application and two interviews: the first with a member of Mazar’s HR department and the second with a manager. Our PrepPack is designed to help you achieve your best performance during your Mazars recruitment process to land one of Mazars jobs.

Mazars Online Tests 

Mazars uses numerical and verbal reasoning tests to assess their applicants for the job. These tests are provided by Kenexa. A good performance on the tests means you will be invited to the next stage of the recruitment process so make sure to prepare yourself fully for the tests beforehand. 

Mazars Numerical Reasoning Test 

The numerical test for Mazars is challenging due to both the questions and the time limitation. The test gives twenty minutes to answer twenty questions which include five different tables or charts with a set of four questions relating to the data presented. Using basic maths functions, you need to make the calculations in order to find the correct answer. Your time for this is very short so ensure that you can work through the questions quickly and efficiently. 

Mazars Verbal Reasoning Test 

Mazars verbal test is also tricky in that the time given to work through the challenging questions is limited. There are twenty minutes to answer twenty questions; within the test, there are five passages with four related questions. Each question presents a statement on the passage and you need to decide if it is true, false or you cannot say in relation to the text. With such a short amount of time, you need to read and answer the questions in time to finish without making any mistakes.

Mazars Situational Strenght Test

This test examines your work attitude and ethics and assesses if you share Mazars' values. You will be presented with situation followed by a variety of options to choose from, all of which are a response to the situation. You should either select the most appropriate one or rank the options according to the instructions.


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Mazars Interview 

Graduate Scheme and School Leavers First Interview 

The next stage is a one hour interview with one of the managers or members of the graduate recruitment team. This first Mazars interview will take place at one of their offices and has two aspects: traditional interview questions and an analytical exercise. The questions focus on your competencies to assess whether you can demonstrate the capabilities required for the role. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the role and company. The analytical exercise typically involves a news article that you need to read. Afterward, the interviewer asks questions about the article’s main points.

The second interview is part of the assessment centre

Mazars Experienced Hire Interviews

The interview process is split in two. During the first interview, you will likely meet with a member of Mazar’s HR department to discuss your competencies and previous work experience. If that goes well, the second interview is with the potential manager for the position you are applying to. This interview focuses more on the job and you are encouraged to ask questions throughout. Experienced hires find that these interviews are more casual and conversational. 

Following these interviews, Mazars will contact you regarding whether or not you have the job. 

Mazars Assessment Day 

The final stage of the recruitment process for the graduate scheme and school leavers is the assessment centre. Your Mazars Assessment Day will most likely take place at the office you have chosen. The assessment day includes: 

Partner Interview

 Similar to the first interview, this is a second competency based interview with a Mazars partner. The goal of the interview is to determine your personality fits the company. To prepare, review your CV and note any pertinent examples to share during the interview. 


You are given 10 minutes to prepare a five-minute presentation on your choice of topic to a team of Mazars recruiters. As you can pick any topic you like, make sure it is something you are interested in and have five minutes worth of information to deliver on it. Our presentation page has some pointers to help you overcome this exercise. 

Group Exercise 

To test your teamwork skills, you are divided into small groups and given a task to work through. An example from a previous assessment day is that a group is given a list of job applicants to Mazars and their qualifications. As a group, you must decide who to hire from the list. Remember that the key to group work is to make yourself heard without overpowering your peers. Get more tips on our group exercise page

In-tray Exercise 

The Mazars in-tray exercise is a lengthy paper-based exercise. The task involves prioritizing emails and responding to memos. Most candidates do not complete the exercise in the allotted time so don’t worry if you are running short. Practice for this assessment using our in-tray practice pack

Mazars Online Application Form 

The process for all Mazars applicants begins with you completing an online application form. You should take your time to fill out this application form as you need it to stand out from the crowd, highlighting any experience you feel the Mazars recruitment department should be aware of. Tailor your CV to them and provide an engaging cover letter. 

Once your application has been submitted, it is reviewed by Mazars and you will be contacted as to how your application will proceed. For graduates and school leavers, the next step is the online tests. For experienced hires, next up are the two interviews. 

Mazars Graduate Scheme 

To earn your placement in Mazars Graduate Scheme you have to pass Mazars recruitment process. First, you will have to complete the Mazars Application where you specify which Mazars vacancy are you interested in. Then, you should complete the online testing and application screening. Upon successful completion, you should receive an invitation to your first Mazars interview. The final stage of the hiring process is the Mazars Assessment centre. JobtestPrep's PrepPack is designed to help you prepare for this recruitment process, start practising today. 


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