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What Can JobTestPrep Do for You?

JobTestPrep has years of experience in helping job candidates to nail the job they always wanted. We can lead you to employment, too. Having conducted an extensive research on Fulton Hogan, we discovered that, most often, its employers administer to its applicants the Revelian Test, the most reliable measurement of people’s general intelligence. Driven by a desire to help job candidates to pass the test and land a job, we have designed its close simulation and supplied it with step-by-step study guides and answer keys. You can now practice with our simulation of the test and, guided by our supplementary material, hone your answers to perfection. No question on your official Revelian Test will be challenging for you with our help.

Knowing that employers at Fulton Hogan base their hiring decision not only on applicants’ test results but also on the answers they give to interview questions, we have put in our PrepPack™ our specially designed interview materials. They contain smart answers to the most frequently asked interview questions and tips on how to make a favourable impression on your recruiters. If you go through our interview materials, you will feel less stressed and more confident and, thereby, will be preferred by recruiters at Fulton Hogan over other candidates. Avail yourself of the opportunity to study with our high-quality PrepPack™ and shoot ahead of your competitors, securing for yourself a place in the company along the way.

What Stages Does the Recruitment Process Have at Fulton Hogan?

There are several stages to the company’s hiring process.

The Phone Interview

After you submit your application, you will be contacted by the Human Resources representative. Expect to be asked about your educational background and previous work experience. You may also answer competency-based questions and talk about your career aims at Fulton Hogan. The Human Resources representative may also talk to you about the company and its business divisions.

The Test

If your phone interview with the company’s representative goes well, you will be sent a link to a test. What test you will be asked to pass will depend on the role for which you applied, but in most cases, you will be invited to take the Revelian Test.

What Is the Revelian Test?

This is a Cognitive Ability Test measuring job candidates’ general intelligence. Employers at Fulton Hogan invite their prospective employees to pass it because they believe that it creates a reliable picture of their personalities and accurately predict their future performance in a new workplace. They also believe that a high level of cognitive ability guarantees that applicants will perform their task quicker and more accurately. The Revelian Test also assures that those who prove to be highly intelligent will also solve problems effectively and will act intelligently in challenging or complex situations.

The format of the Revelian Test is simple: containing 51 questions, the test is divided into three categories:

  • Verbal,
  • Numerical, and

Note that questions posed on the test are divided into these three categories unequally. There is another interesting feature of the test: as applicants are progressing through it, its difficulty increases. Precisely due to the growing difficulty of the test, employers can receive clearer and fuller personality profiles of their applicants as well as a more precise measurement of their cognitive abilities. There are also no raw scores in the Revelian Test. Job candidates receive only percentile scores, which means that their results are compared to the scores of a normative group. This way of counting test-takers’ scores permits Fulton Hogan to hire the most intelligent and promising candidates for advertised positions.

Answering all 51 questions quickly is not easy. And neither is creating an impressive picture of your cognitive abilities. Do not hurt your chances of being hired by declining our help with your upcoming test. Go through a few dry runs of our test simulations and come to your pre-employment assessment well prepared.

The In-Person Interview

Provided the results of your test are good, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview with the company’s representatives in one of its locations. Expect to talk to the Human Resources manger and managers of the departments where you may end up working if you are employed. Questions you may be asked during this interview may be competency-based, situational, and technical. To answer situational questions more fully, use the STAR format. It allows you to talk about a specific difficult Situation that you faced at work in the past; describe the Task that you undertook to solve an existing problem; elaborate on Actions that you performed to resolve the challenging situation; and summarize results that you achieved in the end, talking also about alternative ways to solve the problem that you had but did not choose.  

In some cases, applicants are invited to a group assessment during their interview, where they fulfil several tasks together. You may also be required to make a short oral presentation where you will outline three ideas that may improve the company’s business. Before you receive an employment letter, you may need to pass a drug test. With so many different questions asked during the face-to-face interview, passing it with success is difficult. You are advised to prepare before you set foot in an interview room. Our high-quality interview materials will help you sound clever and confident in your conversation with interviewers. They contain tips on how to behave during the interview along with frequently asked questions and answers. Some of these questions are listed below in the next section.

What Questions Are Asked During the In-Person Interview at Fulton Hogan?

JobTestPrep has collected questions that the company’s employers asked real job applicants in the past. Here are some of these questions:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why would you like to work for us?
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • How would you handle a conflict with a team member?
  • Why did you leave your last position?  
  • What was the hardest job you had?
  • Describe a time when you worked as part of a team;
  • What would you bring to Fulton Hogan?  

Study these questions carefully and prepare smart and concise answers to them. You will sound confident and professional, if you come with ready answers to your interview. You also need to research about the company, since some questions can be about its business structure and purposes.J



JobTestPrep always strives to prepare the best test simulations that will help job candidates pass their pre-employment assessment with ease and success. Purchase our practice materials and excel on your tests and interview at Fulton Hogan.

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