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JobTestPrep’s DS Smith PrepPacks™

Our preparation packs offer detailed guides and other training materials to help you pass all the stages of your DS Smith recruitment process.

DS Smith Talent Q-Style Numerical Reasoning Tests

The Talent Q numerical reasoning test examines your ability to understand numerical data including tables and figures as well as to make deductions and analyses from the data.

DS Smith Talent Q-Style Verbal Reasoning Tests

The Talent Q's Elements Verbal test measures verbal reasoning ability, specifically the ability to understand written information and to evaluate arguments about this information. Candidates are assessed on their ability to understand, interpret and use information provided from a given text.

DS Smith Microsoft Office Tests

The Microsoft Word test measures your ability to complete tasks in Microsoft Word software. The test is entirely interactive, attempting to simulate how Word is used in the workplace. The test is aimed at applicants for jobs that require the use of Word at its fullest capacity. On this test, you will be asked to perform more complex tasks, such as mail merges, advanced formatting, and using templates and tables.


Start Practising for Your DS SMITH Talent Q Tests

In this stage, your DS Smith interviewers are looking for you to give examples from your previous experience to back up your answers. Thus, ahead of the interview, review your CV and prepare a list of examples that can be used to demonstrate your skills against the competencies DS Smith is looking for. Our Interview PrepPack™ can help you excel during the interview stage of DS Smith's recruitment process.


DS Smith Interview Process

Interviews are usually daunting. Whether you are having a phone interview, where you mostly talk about your work experience, or an in-person interview, where you answer competency-based questions, you may feel nervous and confused. To learn how to conduct yourself calmly during your interviews, go to JobTestPrep’s interview kit. There you will find useful advice on how to assuage your nervousness when you are sitting face-to-face to the DS Smith’s representative. By using our practice resources, you will also learn about the most commonly asked questions followed by possible answers to them.

DS Smith Interview Questions

Each position has inherently different questions, however, the questions below serve to give you an idea of the nature and type of questions you should expect.

  • How would you make those around you agree with your decision?
  • What is your previous experience?
  • Why are you interested in working for DS Smith?
  • Would you be happy to travel internationally?

DS Smith Assessment Centre

The DS Smith assessment day consists of various types of activities all designed to evaluate how you work individually and as part of a team. The recruiter will inform you beforehand about the specific types of activities you will encounter in the assessment centre and if there is any preparation you should do. The types of tasks you should be prepared for are interviews, aptitude tests, group exercises, case studies, and role- plays.

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Purpose of DS Smith Verbal Tests?

Verbal reasoning psychometric tests are among the most common tests applicants face when applying for a new job. Verbal reasoning is the name given to a range of tests that use written texts to measure your ability to understand, analyse, and interpret information.

Should I Choose "Strongly Agree/Disagree" or "Agree/Disagree in the DS Smith Personality Tests?"

There are different kinds of questions found on personality assessment tests. When given a statement with extreme statements such as "always" and "never," you should answer them with less extreme answers such as "agree" and "not strongly agree." However, there are times during a personality test in which you should choose "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree." You should choose "strongly agree" when the following types of questions are asked:

    • Most people are honest by nature.
    • Most people can be trusted.
    • Very few people steal at work.
    • I cannot remember the last time I lost my temper at work.
    • I rarely worry about how well I'm doing at my job.

What are Some Numerical Reasoning Test Tips?

Check out the following tips for acing your numerical test: Research the test – Find out which test you are taking and then research everything you can about the test. Know your calculator – Learn how your calculator works so you can save valuable time during the test. Brush up on charts and graphs – There will be confusing graphs and charts to trip you up. Practising in advance will help you weed through the tricky data to find the correct answer.

Be prepared – It is essential that you take the time to understand and practise the types of questions that will appear on the test. JobTestPrep can help you become familiar with popular question formats and improve your skills so there are no surprises on test day.


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