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JobTestPrep’s Diakin PrepPacks™

Want to have an edge over the competition? Let JobTestPrep supply you with all the know-how on the Diakin hiring process. Prepare for Diakin's aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.


"The PrepPack was spot-on! Especially the Interview Preparation."

Lewis R., candidate at Diakin


  • 80% of applicants using JobTestPrep were more concerned with the Assessment Centre and Interview preparation.
  • 99% of them said due to our PrepPacks they felt more skilled and confident during the real thing. 

Diakin Numerical Test

This test was designed to examine the mathematical skills and knowledge needed to perform almost any job. These include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, percentages, ratios, and other numerical arithmetic. Being able to understand and analyse graphs and other numerical data is crucial for many occupations.

Diakin Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning assessment tests are among the most ordinary tests applicants face when applying for a new position. Verbal reasoning is the label that describes a range of tests that use composed passages to gauge your knowledge in understanding, analysing, and interpreting information.

Diakin Situational Judgement Test

Diakin Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) contribute by bringing light to your abilities when approaching arguments and negative scenarios that could happen in the office. The outcome of this test will permit your employers to acquire a more specific idea in relation to your workplace abilities, as well as your compatibility with their association standards.


Succeed in All Areas of Your Diakin Recruitment Process

If you are nervous about your forthcoming pre-employment assessment, put your preparation process into hands of JobTestPrep. We offer a sophisticated PrepPack™ containing close test simulations, drills, and step-by-step study guides. Equipped with knowledge, you will easily outshine other job candidates and will convince recruiters to make a hiring decision in your favor.


Diakin Interview Policy

Not all interviews will be held in a one-on-one setting. Many companies use group or panel interviews to reach a collective conclusion regarding your compatibility with the company culture, as well as job-specific competencies. In this type of interview, you will be met with several different individuals from within the company, including human resources, department heads, and potential co-workers. When setting up the interview be sure to ask if there is anything specific you should bring along with you (it never hurts to bring several freshly printed copies of your CV with you just in case). Practicing potential interview questions and their responses prior to going into the interview is also recommended.

Diakin Assessment Centre Objective

Assessment Centres recently gained recognition in many sectors as an efficient way to assess candidates. Job seekers take personality assessments and different tests to mainly check their analytical skills, reading and numerical comprehension and decision making. These are highly competitive and may be nerve-racking. Unsuccessful applicants are excluded after each stage of the Assessment Centre. At the end only few prospective employees are invited to have a conversation with a company’s high managers and have a chance at being employed.

How are Diakin Verbal Tests Evaluated?

There is no passing score on this test. But it is possible to fail this test. The score on your verbal tests is marked with the results of other job candidates applying to a similar position or already existing employees working in similar roles. Comparing your test scores relative to other employees allows companies to employ people with the strongest results. Since your results depends on other people’s comparative intellectual weakness, practicing for it is critical. You to score high in addition to leaving the others behind.

How Can JobTestPrep Help to Prepare for my Diakin Numerical Tests?

In numerical reasoning tests concepts you haven’t used or even seen in years are bound to come up.Getting the answers to check your work and see where you need improvement is our key to success! Our practice packs include answers and guides to make you confident that you are totally prepared for assessment day. Observing the questions in the correct format can make a huge difference in your test performance. Make sure test day holds no surprises.

What Happens at the Diakin Assessment Centre?

The Diakin assessment centre will either occur on site or in a rented setting. Whilst there, you will be met with a number of group exercises, workplace simulations, assessment tests, and interviews. Our Assessment Centre pack is an fundamental part of our Diakin PrepPack™ since you will be given tips on how to compose yourself while participating in the assessment centre, as well as simulations of the types of events you will be expected to complete i while there.


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