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Are you interested in a career in marketing and applying to the DAS Accelerate Premier Marketing Graduate Programme? Competition for the four places on the scheme is extremely high, and your application must be strong at each stage. Learn more about the stages and how to prepare with JobTestPrep.
DAS Psychometric Tests

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The DAS Accelerate Programme takes just four people per year to kick start their careers with placements in five of their affiliated agencies. The recruitment process is designed to give the team a very thorough understanding of who you are as a candidate. Only the candidates who impress the most will get a place on the scheme. Find out more about the recruitment process and prepare with the resources highlighted on this page.

The DAS Accelerate recruitment process

The DAS Accelerate recruitment process involves four stages:

DAS Accelerate Application

The DAS Accelerate application involves three separate parts, each of which need to impress the recruitment team in order to move forward. The first part is your CV which needs to demonstrate that you have the skills needed for the scheme, including meeting the criteria for the job. Tailor your CV to stand out with our CV builder product. You are advised to use the 1 page covering letter as an opportunity to tell DAS why you should be invited to the next stage of the process, an open day. You will want to give examples of when you have used your skills, and what you can contribute to the firm.

The final part of the application is the brand essay. This is the trickiest section, a 500 word discussion on “a brand I think needs a makeover, and how I would do it”. This is your opportunity to really wow the recruiting team, so take the time to plan and research your response carefully.

DAS Accelerate Open Day

Up to 70 candidates will progress to the next stage, a series of open days designed to tell you more about industry, the roles on offer, and the scheme itself. The open day also involves the first of a range of interviews.

DAS Accelerate Selection Day

The 20 best candidates are then invited to a DAS selection day. This day involves a presentation, and question and answer exercise and a networking exercise.

Presentation and Question and Answer Exercise

At the selection day, you are given a case study brief to read over and prepare a presentation to deliver to a group of assessors. You can then expect to answer questions based on the information in the brief and your presentation. This exercise assesses your ability to read and understand information and use it to prove a point. The interviewers also analyse your communication skills and the way that you can give over a point verbally. Gain tips on how to address a case study and to deliver a presentation with punch with JobTestPrep's online case study pack.

Networking Exercise

In this exercise you will likely be put up against the other applicants at your selection day. The assessors will be looking at how you work with clients and stakeholders as well as with other team members. They want to see you make quality contributions without dominating the group. Prepare your group exercise strategy in advance and think about what you can best contribute to a team effort.

Psychometric Testing and Final Interview

The candidates who have impressed the most throughout the process will have one final hurdle before the job offer. Applicants who are invited to the final interview are asked to complete a set of online psychometric tests before they come in for the day.

DAS Accelerate Psychometric Test

Psychometric tests are used by the scheme to assess your potential in the skills most needed in your future job in marketing. These tests may be numerical, verbal or logical reasoning tests.

Have you been invited to take DAS Accelerate psychometric tests? Send us an email via the contact form below and we will be able to advise you on the best test preparation we have.

DAS Accelerate Interview

You will be invited to more than one interview during the course of the DAS recruitment process. The interviews are your opportunity to really sell yourself and what you can offer to the scheme, as well as to find out more about the scheme by asking questions of your interviewers. Ahead of the interviews, review your CV, cover letter and brand essay to refresh your memory, and prepare to answer questions on what is written in them. Prepare examples from your experience to date, including work, university, voluntary work or hobbies that demonstrate that you have the skills needed to do the job. Organise practice answers using the STAR method (situation, task, action, result). And then finally once you have all of your material together, rehearse delivering your answers in a mock interview like our Skype based interviews. This interview will improve your confidence as well as provide you with tips and guidance from our trained assessor.

In Summary

Competition is high for each of the four places on the DAS Accelerate Premier Marketing Graduate Programme, however if you prepare thoroughly for each stage, and work to impress the assessors, you will give yourself the best chance of moving through the process. This article has highlighted the resources available to help you prepare for each new assessment stage. Good luck.

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