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Prepare for the CSIRO Hiring Process

Founded in 1926, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is a diverse research organisation with researchers who work on global issues such as climate change, energy productivity and improved lifestyles. CSIRO works on innovative science and engineering projects to bring together government, research organisations, and industries. The CSIRO internship programs and full-time positions provide a wide range of job opportunities to help individuals gain work experience in a scientific environment.

The CSIRO recruitment process is outlined below:

Application: Applying can be done online by filling out the application form and uploading your CV. When assessing your credentials, the CSIRO hiring team uses the application process to find the most suitable candidates. Other ways of applying can be in-person or with a recruiter.

Telephone Interview: The first interview you will face is normally performed as a 30-minute phone call. An HR recruiter may question you about your work background and job expectations.

In-Person Interview: Interviewing tactics differ based on the level of the job position being applied for. In-person interviews may be led as a one-on-one or a panel interview with several employers. The CSIRO assessment centre includes case studies and discussions during a group interview with other candidates.

Tests: You will likely be required to take psychometric entrance exams. These CSIRO aptitude tests are used so that employers can decide how compatible you are for the job position.



The CSIRO CEB’s SHL Test Process

CSIRO assessment tests can be taken online or as written exams. CEB's SHL tests are arranged in a different way depending on the capabilities being measured. These tests assess candidates’ numerical, verbal, inductive, and deductive reasoning skills. Each test-takers’ scores are compared to find the most suitable candidates. The logical test assesses how well one connects images, and the verbal test evaluates how well one answers questions based on written data. The numerical exam includes graphs, charts, and arithmetical data for individuals to solve.

CEB’s SHL assessment tests may include the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32). These are both given to evaluate candidates’ behavioural traits and temperament. The personality questionnaire helps companies evaluate one’s character traits to determine how well they will fit into the company’s culture. The SJT aims to foresee applicants’ potential actions in work-related situations.

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CSIRO Interview Questions

The CSIRO interview process aims to hire employees who possess the skills, knowledge and drive for the role. Preparing for the interview can be done by researching the job’s requirements and the company’s values. A behavioural-based interview may be used to assess one’s previous work experience to predict their future behaviour. Technical questions may be asked to measure one’s possession of the necessary skills for the job.

Here are some examples of CSIRO interview questions:

  • What attracted you to CSIRO?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • How do you visualize the future in agriculture?


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