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Practise for the CIPD Hiring Process

Founded in 1913, CIPD is a professional body for HR and people development. They offer expertise and research, providing the knowledge to drive the HR and L&D professions forward. CIPD has over 130,000 members worldwide who work in HR, development, management and consulting. As an independent organisation, they provide better working lives for the benefit of society. CIPD has over 1,000 employees and offers a multitude of volunteer and career opportunities.

Steps in the CIPD recruitment process:

Application: Performing the CIPD application process can be done by applying for an available role online, with a staffing agency, or through an employee referral. Individuals can submit their CVs upon request.

Telephone Interview: The first interview stage often entails receiving a call from an HR recruiter. These conversations help hiring managers when screening each candidate’s skills and personality.

In-Person Interview: CIPD interviews occur in a face-to-face setting and are either led by a panel or just one employer. The CIPD interview process may consist of several stages, as well as the CIPD assessment centre day. This day includes presentations, exercises, and group discussions.

Tests: When one goes through the psychometric exam process, they may be asked to take certain CIPD aptitude tests. Pre-employment tests are given as a tool for employers to assess one’s cognitive abilities.


The CIPD Talent Q Test Preparation

The Korn Ferry Hay Group offers a Talent Q assessment, which is an adaptable test. The Talent Q displays various types of questions and the level of difficulty is decided upon based on how test-takers answer correctly or not. Applicants are required to perform well throughout this assessment. Talent Q is used as a CIPD aptitude test to measure one’s numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills.

The Talent Q Aspects and Abilities tests are taken online and are made up of verbal, numerical, and checking topics. Talent Q Aspects encompasses a personality and competency-based questionnaire named styles. Applicants are given a sequence of statements and are asked to rate how strongly each account portrays their personality and behaviours. Furthermore, the Dimensions personality questionnaire assesses one’s character traits, such as their communication skills, organizational abilities, and emotional state.

Start Preparing for the CIPD Talent Q Test Process with JobTestPrep.

CIPD Interview Questions

CIPD Interviews may be conducted by a sole interviewer or a panel. Preparing for these meetings requires a great amount of practise and communication skills. It is important to know that you are interviewing the interviewers just as well.

Interview questions which may come up are:

  • Why do you want to work for CIPD?
  • How does your experience relate to the role your applying for?
  • Do you prefer working alone or in a team?
  • Describe your leadership styles.


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