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JobTestPrep’s Brambles PrepPacks™

During the recruitment process, you are going to be asked to pass several Brambles tests. These are to be completed online. To successfully move on to the next stage of the hiring process, utilise JobTestPrep's comprehensive preparation packages to give yourself the best chance of success.


"I certainly found the website useful in readiness for the real thing."

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  • 99% of applicants that used JobTestPrep to prepare for their Brambles assessment said that they were asked to take a personality test.
  • 85% of them agreed that the preparation pack was identical in format to the personality assessment given by Brambles.

Brambles Numerical Reasoning Online Tests

Many different positions such as administrative, graduate, managerial and sales positions require applicants to pass a numerical test. It is therefore important for applicants to brush up on skills from basic mathematics to high-level numerical critical reasoning, as the numerical tests will usually play a decisive factor in the recruitment process.

Brambles Verbal Reasoning Online Tests

Verbal reasoning tests ask you to analyse written information. They measure whether you can follow a text’s argumentative verbal logic and discriminate between important and secondary information presented in it. You have to read several short passages and judge a truth-value of statements that immediately follow them. After you have identified the relation of each proposition to the truth, you will be required to mark these statements either as “True” or “False.” There are also statements whose truth-value is impossible to assess due to the insufficiency of information presented in the text. If this is the case, you will need to mark a statement under consideration as “Cannot say.” 

Brambles SJT Online Tests

This SJT, or Situational Judgement Test assesses your cognitive and behavioural abilities in dealing with work-related scenarios. The format of the test varies, however, all of them present you with situations followed by multiple-choice questions. You should either rank/rate the answers or select the for you most and least likely options. There are no right or wrong answers, still, you should bear in mind that your responses should mirror your professional manners. Your answers make up your profile which allows your prospective employer to decide if you fit the company and your position. 


Get Brambles Assessment Test Preparation

Our PrepPacks™ have been designed to assist job-seekers throughout the recruitment process for many companies and in many career paths. Give yourself the advantage and begin practicing with us today!


Brambles Interview Process

Properly preparing for your interview takes more than a quick google search to find top interview questions. There are a number of factors to bear in mind before walking into the face-to-face. Learn all that you can about the company and its culture, take a look at the company’s social media outlets and really feel that you are fully acquainted with the company. Prepare yourself to showcase your skills, really showing where you have demonstrated these skills in the past and how you use them today.

Brambles Assessment Centre Information

Many employers like to use assessment centres as they are a chance to see how people that they are thinking of employing really act under pressure. This is often a full day event with assessments such as a case study, group exercise, interview, and other such topics. Employers believe that assessment centres allow applicants to show a wider scope of talents than revealed on tests or during interviews. Events hosted at such assessment centres are of various lengths, ranging from half a day to two days. With many prospective employees invited to pre-employment events, job candidates for a position are usually grouped with their competitors and evaluated against their performance. There are several eliminations done during the event so that not all job candidates arrive to the final stage of the assessment involving an interview with the higher management of the company. Only those job candidates who convincingly demonstrated adaptability, analytical thinking, commercial awareness, and leadership are usually invited for the final interview that often culminates in a job offer.

Why does Brambles Use Aptitude Tests?

Brambles use aptitude tests during their recruitment process in order to cut down the candidates and only take the highest scoring ones. They are a quick and easy way for Brambles to ensure that only the best get through. 

How Are the Brambles Numerical Test Scores Interpreted?

The way in which Bramble's numerical reasoning tests are typically interpreted by taking the number of correct answers, the time it took you to complete the tests and questions, and then comparing your score to other candidates. This means that they take the top "n" percent of candidates. 

What Should I Expect during the Brambles Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process for Brambles varies from position to position. There will be an interview and typically there are some aptitude tests that you have to come through as well. These tests will most likely be conducted at the Brambles assessment centre alongside several other candidates although they may be administered online as well. 


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