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What are the Stages in the Borusan Recruiting Process?

If you want to work at Borusan, expect to go through several stages during your hiring process there.

  • After your documents have been screened, you will be sent a link to several online tests. Which tests you will be given depends on the position for which you applied. The most common tests that Borusan administers to most of its prospective employees is the Personality Test and the Numerical Reasoning Test. The former helps employers to ascertain that their future employees do not have counterproductive tendencies and will not be engaged in pilfering, time-wasting, and gossiping. The latter estimates how well applicants can calculate and analyze information presented in graphs, statistical tables, and charts. Some of the job candidates may also be asked to take the Verbal Reasoning Test requiring them to estimate a truth-value of statements made about a short text.
  • Excelling on your test guarantees that you will receive a phone call from the Human Resources representative. Expect to answer questions about your résumé and talk about your career goals in Borusan.
  • Provided you have created a favorable impression during your phone interview, you will be called for several face-to-face interviews. During these interviews, you will meet your prospective managers, team leaders, and other employees of the company. Questions usually posed during the in-person interview are competency-based and behavioral. You may also be asked situational and technical questions. When you answer situational questions, follow the STAR format, because this method helps you deliver the most comprehensive answer to them. Before you appear for your interview, brush up your knowledge of technical terms and technical operations, if your future position involves working with technology.
  • If your recruiters send you an employment letter, you may start your salary negotiations.

Although the recruitment process at Borusan is not complicated, you are still advised to prepare for your tests and interviews. JobTestPrep’s high-quality practice materials will equip you with necessary knowledge and skills to succeed on your pre-employment assessment. Our interview resources will provide you with the most sophisticated answers to many interview questions and will instill such strong confidence in you that you will nail your interviews better than your competitors.

What Questions Are Asked during the Interview at Borusan?

Questions posed by interviewers at Borusan can be various and tailored to a candidate’s profession and prospective role in the company. The most common questions posed to the majority of job applicants are presented below:

  • What were your daily duties at your former job?  
  • Why do you want to work at Borusan?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What is your greatest achievement at work?
  • What is your greatest weakness?
  • What motivates you to do your job better?
  • If you were in charge, what would you do to make Borusan a better working place?
  • What do you know about the position for which you are being interviewed?

Study these and similar questions and formulate smart answers to them before you enter the interview room. Armed with right answers, you will easily impress your recruiters with your professionalism and self-assurance. If you read about Borusan you will also do well on the interview. Some interview questions may be about the company, so it will help you, if you do some research on Borusan, its structure, and business goals beforehand.

Which Tests Are Administered at Borusan?

At Borusan, which test employers offer to their prospective job candidates depends on the position for which they are vying. If your job involves working with written material more than with numbers, you will be asked to pass the Verbal Reasoning Test. If it is vice versa, you will take the Numerical Reasoning Test. Borusan employers also want to ensure that their employees will be a good fit for their company and will communicate with their peers and managers amicably and productively. To evaluate job candidates’ personality trait, employers often ask them to take the Personality Test. Close simulations of all these tests are included in our PrepPack™ offered here.

The Numerical Reasoning Test

This test evaluates how well job candidates understand data presented in statistical tables, charts, and graphs. On the test, you will be presented with graphs and tables that will appear on the left hand-side of your computer screen. On the left hand-side of it, you will see questions, each of which is accompanied with a choice of answers. Your task will be to choose the right answer among several wrong options. The Numerical Reasoning test is strictly timed. You will have less than half a minute to answer each question.  Time is obviously a challenge. Coming to your pre-employment assessment unprepared is, therefore, a way to fail it. Practise with our rest simulations and answer all test questions correctly and on time.  


JobTestPrep specialises in developing tests to help job applicants get employed. If you prepare for your recruitment process with our resources, you will surely get good results on your tests and will motivate your recruiters to put you at the top of their list of job candidates.



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