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Addo Food Group’s Hiring Process

The Addo Food Group is always looking to attract and hire the best possible talent across the globe. The Addo Food Group recruitment process usually entails:

  • Application Process: In order to apply for a role that matches your qualifications, you will need to visit the Addo Food Group careers webpage. Once you have made your selection you will be prompted to complete a brief online application and upload your CV.
  • Phone Screening: If your application and CV have passed the initial screening process, you may be contacted to participate in a phone interview.
  • Pre-Hire Tests: The next stage in the Addo hiring process will be the employment exam. The test or tests that you will be required to take during this process may be different depending on your region and job title.
  • Assessment Centre: Depending on the role you have applied for you may be required to participate in an assessment centre. During an assessment centre you will meet with other candidates and engage in group activities, assessment testing, and interviews.
  • Personal Interviews: This is usually the final stage of the hiring process with Addo Food Group. Your interviews will either be held one-on-one, in a group, or before a panel of managers.

Addo Food Group's Aptitude Tests

Psychometric testing is very important for most companies nowadays as it allows for a greater understanding of an applicant’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses. The most common assessments administered to applicants of the Addo Food Group are:

  • Cubiks Logiks - Advanced: The Cubiks Logiks Advanced assessment was designed to evaluate your verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.
  • Hogan: The Hogan assessments are used to measure certain personality traits as they pertain to the role you have applied for. Our PrepPacks™ include everything that you will need to understand and pass your Hogan personality exam.
  • Situational Judgment: Your ability to assess certain workplace situations and act accordingly is a valuable skill for most companies. Our practice SJT tests and study guides will ensure your preparedness in the event you are required to take such a test.
  • Microsoft Office: Many jobs at Addo Food Group will require proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel. Our combination Microsoft Office PrepPack™ will be able to evaluate your current skill level with these applications which will in turn help to improve your overall knowledge and score.

Preparing for each of pre-hire psychometric tests will give you the best chance of surpassing other applicants who are vying for the same position. Begin practising today to outshine the competition and receive a job offer from Addo Food Group.



Addo Food Group Interview Tips

Regardless of the region or role you are pursuing, it is recommended that you do the following prior to your Addo Food Group interviews:

  • Research the company.
  • Understand the job requirements for the role you have applied for.
  • Know your CV inside and out.
  • Be prepared to provide paper copies of your CV and list of references (if requested).
  • Prepare for each type of interview that you may face whether it be over the phone, via video conference, etc. Also prepare for one-on-one, group, and panel interviews.
  • Answer any behavioural-type questions using the STAR interview method.

Our interview PrepPack™ was designed to get you ready for any type and format of interview. You will also receive tips on the different types of interview questions that you may be asked (behavioral, competency-based, technical, etc.). Come prepared for your Addo Food Group interviews with JobTestPrep.


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