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About ACCA

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. ACCA is headquartered in London, and located all over Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.


ACCA offers its workers:

Work-life balance & flexibility Good training
Good Salary Career opportunities
All of the needed benefits: Dental care, pension plan etc. Pleasant staff & atmosphere

Open jobs at ACCA

Available position in Britain:

Re-accreditation Officer in Glasgow, Scotland Education Manager - E&A in London
Head of Internal Communications in London Markets Officer/Business Support Executive in London

Prepare for the Hiring Process at ACCA

The main steps in the ACCA recruitment process are:

  • Online Application: Verify that your CV is accurate and well-written, and send it to the job you are interested in.
  • Onsite Interview: This step might be long and thorough, and include several interviews with the relevant senior managers, and/ or a panel interview.
  • Assessment Centre: If you are invited to an assessment day, you will participate in group tasks, such as discussion and acting out scenarios. There could be tests and interviews during this day as well. That way, the recruiters get to know you better and decide whether you are a suitable candidate.
  • Exams: You might be asked to take Thomas-International-GIA (Numerical) and other tests.

ACCA’s Aptitude Tests

The required assessments depend on the applied position and other factors. The following one can be important:

In addition, the following assessments can be part of the process:

  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT): Asks you to select the best solution for various types of conflicts, in order to judge your decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Personality: Assesses your work-related characteristics and behaviour.
  • Excel: Tests your level and knowledge of Excel.

Most tests are time-limited, so it is recommended to Practise in advance.

ACCA’s Interview Questions

The interviewers might ask you:

  • How do you deal with challenges at work? (Examples may be given here.)
  • Walk me through your CV.
  • What do you know about ACCA, and what interests you the most?
  • Questions that are relevant to your specific profession.

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