JobTestPrep has created this pack to help you prepare for the various types of CEB's SHL verbal tests you may come across during your selection process. A great deal of effort has been put into this pack to ensure you are provided with the most comprehensive and up-to-date preparation materials.

What Are the Advantages of JobTestPrep's Pack?

Adapted and Up-To-Date with the Various CEB's SHL Tests

There are three main types of CEB's SHL verbal tests for graduate, management, and senior management levels. Our pack offers you practice tests targeted specifically for these types of tests.

  • True/False/Cannot Say tests – CEB's SHL produces two tests of this type: Verify Verbal Reasoning, a 19-minute long test consisting of 30 questions and which is suitable for candidates of all levels, and Verbal Critical Reasoning (VMG 1-6), an 18-25 minute long test consisting of 32-52 questions, often delivered to graduate/management candidates as part of the Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB).
  • Verbal Analysis Test (VMT3) – This is a multiple choice test designed for senior managers. The test contains 35 questions and has a time limit of 35 minutes.
  • Verbal Application Test (VMT1) – This is a sentence completion test, often delivered to senior managers. The test contains 35 questions and has a time limit of 20 minutes. It is aimed at testing candidates' vocabulary, grammar, and logic.

Offers Comprehensive Preparation

Our pack includes an extensive amount of practice materials, including hundreds of practice questions with detailed explanations. Together with our video tutorials, which provide valuable solving strategies and tips for successfully coping with verbal tests, this pack offers a comprehensive learning experience. 

Allows You to Progress at Your Own Pace

This pack offers practice materials in a variety of difficulty levels, enabling you to progress from practising your fast reading skills to solving complex full-length tests. The pack also includes a PDF guide that specifies a recommended study plan. Two other features that will help you progress at your own pace and keep track of your advancement are the step-by-step and timed test-taking modes as well as our detailed score reports.

Who Can Benefit from This Pack?

Candidates applying for graduate, professional, managerial, and executive roles can benefit from this pack.

Why Are the Tests for Graduate and Senior Management Levels Given Together? 

JobTestPrep's team has included both levels in the same pack for two main reasons. Firstly, these tests have similar features, and, more importantly, there are benefits to practising questions of varying levels of difficulty even if you will not confront them on the actual test. For instance, a senior manager may benefit from practising some more basic concepts, while a graduate may benefit from challenging himself with higher-level practice materials.

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What's Included

  • Over 560 verbal practice questions
  • 9 true/false/cannot say tests – SHL Verify/VMG–style
  • 3 sentence completion tests – SHL VMT1–style
  • 3 multiple choice tests – SHL VMT3–style
  • 6 additional multiple choice tests
  • 4 fast reading practice tests
  • Video tutorials – verbal reasoning explained
  • Detailed explanations and solving tips
  • Smart score reports
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep
  • Immediate online access, 24/7 practice
  • Secured payment
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