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What Is the SHL Verify Calculation Test?

The SHL Calculation Test (also sometimes referred to as SHL Verify Calculation Test) is a short assessment designed to assess your ability to perform basic arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately.

The test contains 20 questions to be solved in 6 minutes. Unlike traditional tests, the time allotment in the SHL Calculation Test is given per question, not for the whole test.

You will have 18 seconds to answer each question.

Here are several additional facts about the SHL Verify Calculation Test:

  • Each question has 5 answer options.
  • You will not be able to go back or change your answers.
  • A calculator is not allowed.

SHL Calculation Test Sample Questions and Answers

All questions in the SHL Calculation Test are structured as an equation with one variable, marked ‘?’. You will need to choose the value of ‘?’ from the 5 answer options.

Here is a sample question you might encounter:

SHL Calculation Test Sample Question #1

141 x 6 : ? = 94

A. 4
B. 6
C. 9
D. 12
E. 14
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

You could, naturally, solve this drill with a straightforward calculation. But that’s going to take quite some time.

Remember that in the SHL Calculation Test, you have 18 seconds per question – both for the easy ones and the harder ones.

That means that you must develop the ability to quickly solve relatively complex calculations like this one.

Note: ':' is a notation for division (/) often used in the SHL Calculation Test.


Let’s combine several quick-calculation methods to solve this drill with minimal calculations:


Step #1 – General Estimation

It is easy to see that the ‘?’ must be greater than 6 since 141 x [6:?] = 94.

So, ? > 6

That rules out answer options A and B.


Step #2 – Look at the Answer Options

We have 3 answer options left, but all we have to do is check one. Specifically, answer option D.


Let’s say we plug 12 into the left side of the equation. By the definition of fractions:

  • If the final answer is greater than 94, the correct answer has to be 14 since we need to make sure that [6:?] < [6:12].
  • If the final answer is smaller than 94, the correct answer has to be 9 since we need to make sure that [6:?] > [6:12].
  • If the final answer is 94, the correct answer is, well, 12.

Let's do just that.


Step #3 – Plug the Number In

141 x 6 : 12 = 141 x 0.5 = 70.5 < 94

Therefore, the correct answer is C (? = 9).

SHL Calculation Test Sample Question #2

32 x 17 – 56 + ? = 530

A. 40
B. 41
C. 42
D. 43
E. 44
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

This is also the kind of question many candidates will find very difficult to solve within 18 seconds.

Again, let’s see how fast-solving methods can significantly help reduce solving time. This time we’ll use the Last Digit Method.

Since this is eventually an addition drill, all we have to do to find the correct answer is to find the last digit of the left-hand side of the equation.

Here’s how it works:

  • 32 x 17 = …4 (the last digit is 4, since 2 x 7 = 14)
  • …4 – 56 = …8 (the last digit is 8, since 14 – 6 = 8)
  • …8 + …2 = 530 (the last digit of ‘?’ is 2)

Therefore, the correct answer is C.

To check, let’s perform the drill in full:

32 x 17 – 56 + 42 = 544 – 56 + 42 = 530

With 18 seconds per question (regardless of its level), you have to develop the ability to quickly recognize and employ the best shortcut technique to ace the SHL Calculation Test.

How to Pass the SHL Calculation Test?

As you have seen in the previous two sample questions, the way to succeed on the SHL Verify Calculation Test is to develop quick and effective calculation shortcuts.

It is important to hone your calculation skills, but if you approach every drill as a straightforward, brute-force calculation, you will end up getting the harder questions wrong.

These harder questions are eventually what will get your score above the competition.

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Preparing for Other SHL Tests

Oftentimes, candidates required to take the SHL Calculation Test will be required to take additional SHL tests, such as the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test or SHL Personality Questionnaire (OPQ).

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