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In this PrepPack™, you will find 5 SHL-style checking drills which will are geared to evaluate how well you can sort through numbers and letter-based information. To ensure you understand the method of checking, we have added an additional bonus of 3 checking examinations.

What Is a Checking Test?

Checking tests are designed to evaluate speed and accuracy skills. They are often seen in the selection process of clerical and administrative positions, and are quite straightforward. They are exhaustive and demand a high level of concentration. This is because they require discriminating and comparing multiple sets of data that contain a lot of numerical and letter-based information, most of which have no significant meaning in real life.

Therefore it is imperative you practice for this test, as the only way to ensure you can match the information presented to you in the test is through practice. Quiet often candidates fail because of the lack of accuracy. This PrepPack is built to work on your skills to improve your final score.

Start practising with our customised PrepPack and achieve your goal and land your desired position.

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