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What Is the SHL Checking Test?

The SHL Checking Test includes 25 questions that need to be answered within 5 minutes. The test is divided into 5 sections, each containing 5 questions. You have between 8 to 5 seconds to solve each question.

Each question displays a sequence of up to 9 alphabet characters or numerical characters on the left side and a list of similar sequences on the right side. You will need to identify and choose the sequence that matches the one on the left.

The time to complete the questions is reduced as you progress through the test; thus, in the first section, you'll have 8 seconds, and in the last 5 seconds.

Below we provide two sample questions, one for each time frame.

SHL Checking Test Sample Questions and Answers

Here are two sample questions simulating the kinds of tasks you will encounter on the actual SHL Checking Test.

SHL Checking Test Sample Question #1 (8 Sec)

SHL Checking Sample
A. 71596024
B. 75196240
C. 17596024
D. 75196024
E. 75912064
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

SHL Checking Test Sample Question #2 (5 Sec)

SHL Checking Sample
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Accurate Preparation for Your SHL Checking Test

  • Practice for the real thing – The only PrepPack that prepares you specifically for the SHL Checking Test with 5 full-length time-limited SHL-style Checking Tests, including the actual test’s 8-5 seconds time constraints.
  • Practice more – Additional checking tests to amp up your performance and speed. 
  • Learn from your mistakes – View the correct answer to all the questions.


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Tips to Pass Your SHL Checking Test

  • Guessing is better than nothing.
    The test will automatically move on to the next question when the time allowed runs out. Because your correct answers calculate your score, any answer is better than no answer. So, if you can't figure it out, guess and continue to the next question.
  • The chosen one
    The options for the answer are deliberately confusing, and sometimes it can look like there is more than one option. You should remember that there is only one correct answer.
  • No regrets
    Once you choose the answer, the test will automatically move on to the next question. That means that you will not be able to change it.


To ace the SHL Checking Test and get the job you want, you need to practice the exact, actual test experience. In the SHL Checking Test PrepPack™, you will find 5 SHL-style checking drills (+3 extra drills to amp up your performance), which will be geared to evaluate how well you can sort through numbers and letter-based information in a limited time.


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