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Most employers require technical jobs candidates to sit an SHL TTB (Technical Test Battery) as part of their selection process. Learn about the variety of skills and knowledge required for these tests and obtain JobTestPrep's free advice, tips and TTB sample questions.
SHL-Style TTB Practice

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CEB's SHL offers the technical test battery (TTB) as a candidate selection tool for employers performing recruitment campaigns for technical staff. 

What types of tests comprise the SHL TTB?

SHL Technical Test Battery comprises three different test types, the combination of which could indicate the sort of skills and abilities candidates hold in important knowledge-based and cognitive areas:

SHL TTB Verbal Reasoning

  • Verbal Comprehension – this test measures vocabulary and basic word skills in the context of technical work. Candidates are given sentences with a missing word, which they need to complete by choosing 1 out of 5 options. 
  • Technical Understanding  this test measures the ability to understand written text in the context of technical work. Short passages are presented and candidates are required to evaluate the truthfulness of statements according to the passage. The questions are in the format of True/False/Cannot say.

SHL TTB Numerical Reasoning

  • Numerical Computation – this test measures your ability to do quick and accurate calculations. This is usually a set of arithmetic calculations which require you to use basic arithmetic such as four operations, fractions and decimals. In this case it is time pressure, absence of a calculator and accuracy which might make it more difficult to complete the test successfully.
  • Numerical Reasoning – this test measures simple numerical abilities including understanding and recognising shortcuts to a solution. Candidates are presented with a short mathematical problem and are required to reach a calculation which will solve the problem. Use of a calculator is permitted.

For tips on how to pass CEB's SHL numerical tests click here.

SHL TTB Technical Abilities

  • Mechanical Comprehension – this test measures the ability to understand basic mechanical principles. Questions introduce basic mechanical/electrical concepts and situations displayed in illustrations. For more information about this test and TTB sample questions click here.
  • Fault Diagnosis – this test assesses the ability to identify faults in logical systems. To learn more about the TTB Fault diagnosis test click here.
  • Spatial Recognition – this test measures the ability to recognise shapes in 2D. It is used for the assessment of apprentices, fitters mechanics and construction workers.
  • Visual Estimation this test measures spatial perception and the ability to make comparisons. It is used for the assessment of craft and operator level jobs involving basic design and assembly work. 

For more information about spatial reasoning and TTB example questions click here.

In general, candidates who are asked to sit the SHL TTB are sent a PDF file that contains general explanations about the tests' nature. However, these brochures do not satisfy a candidate's practice requirements.

JobTestPrep offers an SHL Technical Test Battery Practice Pack that addresses all the above topics. Test units are accompanied by score reports, explanations and solving tips.

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