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About ScottishPower

ScottishPower is a company in the energy sector headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. This firm recruits at numerous levels, the most prominent being the apprenticeship programmes and the graduate scheme. This page focuses on the recruitment process for the apprenticeship programme.

The ScottishPower Dependability and Safety Questionnaire

Following the submission of your application, you are asked to complete a Dependability and Safety Questionnaire, also known as a DSI, to help the company further down the candidates. The DSI is designed to measure the likelihood that a candidate will be fastidious, work safely and be motivated among other things. The test lasts approximately ten minutes and is done online. In it, you will be shown two statements and be required to choose which one is more like you. Make sure to review the company’s core values to help you choose the best answers. Our situational judgment test (SJT) practice pack can help you gain a full understanding of this test and how to answer the tricky questions.

The ScottishPower Online Occupational Ability Tests

The next stage of the application process is the online testing stage. These tests are supplied by CEB’s SHL and are part of the technical test battery. For more information, visit our dedicated Scottish Power Engineering Foundations Programme page for a full outline of the tests and how you can prepare.

Scottish Power's Telephone Interview

Once you have completed the online tests, the next stage is the telephone interview. The interview is meant to help the recruitment team verify that you are a good potential candidate before inviting you to the final stage at the assessment centre. 

ScottishPower’s Assessment Centre

The assessment centre is the last stop of the hiring process. Not only is it your only chance to meet with the recruitment team in person but it is also a chance for you to show any extra skills you have and make a final and lasting impression. There are two elements to the assessment centre: the practice testing and the face-to-face interview.

Practical Tests

The practical tests require you to assemble and dismantle various mechanisms using your mechanical knowledge and tools provided. These tests measure your hand-eye coordination, mechanical reasoning skills and practical train of thought. These tests can be a big hurdle but with the help of our mechanical reasoning tests, you can feel confident in your performance.


The final stage of ScottishPower’s apprenticeship programme recruitment process is a face-to-face interview. This interview is also competency-based, meaning that it will test to see whether you have the necessary qualifications to be a part of the company. Make sure the answers you provide are effective by tailoring them to the organisation’s core values.

Below are some hints and tips for the interview. Make sure you go over them so you can formulate appropriate responses:

  • Do not give general examples. Give detailed and relevant examples that you can recall clearly. The interviewer will ask a series of probing questions about your answers and so it’s imperative that you use good examples.
  • It is okay to give examples from both your personal life as well work-related activities.
  • Make sure you emphasise your specific role when you give an example and speak at length on your contributions to the end result.
  • Prepare a number of questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview. These may be questions about the role itself, ScottishPower in general or any other relevant topic you can think of. This shows the interviewer that you are a serious candidate who is passionate about the position you have applied for.

Need more hints and tips for your interview to be a success? Get the help you need with our free guide to interviews.

Prepare for Success

The ScottishPower recruitment process for the apprenticeship programme is difficult as it is meant to ensure that only candidates most qualified for the position are hired. With competition this fierce, preparation beforehand is vital to help maximise your performance. This article has outlined a variety of materials to help you do so. 

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