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PepsiCo JobTestPrep PrepPacks™

Our PrepPacks™ were designed to give you the advantage and to outshine the other PepsiCo candidates. You are well on your way to success with our in-depth practice tests and study guides. Begin practicing today!

PepsiCo CEB SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Online Tests

There are several different types and styles of SHL CEB numerical reasoning tests. They range from the high level graduate/management tests to operational level. Our PrepPacks™ have been created to cover a wide spectrum of questions and test types in order to give you the complete preparation for your upcoming test.

PepsiCo CEB SHL-Style Verbal Reasoning Online Tests

There are various levels of SHL CEB verbal tests. In the operational level of tests you are assessed most typically on your ability to: follow instructions, comprehend verbal passages, show technical understanding, complete sentences, as well as various other verbal related tasks. The skills are assessed on a deeper level in the graduate level tests. In order to understand how to answer the questions it is imperative you learn the skills needed. This can be done through using our specially prepared PrepPacks which give you not only the skills needed to answer the questions correctly but also the understanding of how to complete the entire test in the time allotted.


Increase your Probability For Success in the PepsiCo Tests

Confidently pass your recruitment assessments and interview using JobTestPrep. We offer job-seekers with countless preparation materials which are easily accessed from any platform, 24 hours a day.


PepsiCo Interview Policy

In order to prepare for the PepsiCo’s phone and face-to-face interviews, consult our interview practice materials. Our smart resources will help you pass your interviews with ease and aplomb. On your first interview, you will talk about your work experience and those workplaces that you left not long ago. During the face-to-face interview, expect to talk to a Human Resources representative and a couple of managers from those departments where you are most likely to work. They will ask you questions about your professional competency. Technical questions may also follow, if you intend to work in the position involving technology. If you impress the PepsiCo’s representatives, they may put you at the top of the list of their favorite candidates for the position you want.

Information for the PepsiCo Assessment Centre

4. An assessment centre allows companies like PepsiCo to evaluate and screen larger numbers of applicants not only in key areas associated with the job description, but also for their specific working environment. During the course of the assessment centre, you will be met with a variety of tests, group exercises, and interviews. This mix of activities was designed to assist the company in building a more precise outline of your strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to the available position.

How is the PepsiCo Situational Judgement Test Structured?

The PepsiCo’s SJT test may come in several formats and it is important for you to be aware of the various possibilities. Some tests are linear based, while others are interactive in nature. So, what’s the difference? The linear format presents a number of questions to each applicant and in the same order, while interactive uses branching, meaning each answer will dictate the next series of questions. Questions and answers will vary from a specific work scenario with one unique solution to possibly multiple issues requiring multiple solutions. While there is no per say right or wrong answer. While there is no right or wrong answer, per say, scores are based on the best and worst alternatives as the tester sees it.

What Is the Best Way to Prepare For the PepsiCo CEB SHL-Style Assessments?

The most beneficial way to prepare for and pass the PepsiCo CEB SHL-style tests is through a great deal of practice ahead of time. JobTestPrep offers you the highest quality preparation materials to bolster your ability to pass all of your PepsiCo assessments and interviews. 


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