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Non-verbal reasoning tests are a wide array of aptitude and ability tests that measure intelligence and reasoning skills. They are used as screening tools for employers, schools, and universities, and their most significant advantage is that they cancel out pre-learned knowledge, and thus strongly rely on abstract thinking skills. In other words, it is an efficient way to measure intelligence, creativity, and learning abilities, which explains why so many institutes and businesses use these tests as primary selection tools. 

What types of non-verbal reasoning tests exist?

There are two main types of non-verbal reasoning tests:

  1. Tests that require understanding the logic behind shape sequences. There are many types and names given to these tests, such as abstract, inductive, and diagrammatic reasoning. For more information continue reading this article.
  2. Tests that measure spatial orientation abilities, also known as spatial reasoning.

Learn and practice spatial reasoning.

About abstract, inductive, and diagrammatic reasoning tests

Please take a look at the image gallery at the top to see what these tests look like. Although the names are often used to represent the same group of tests, there are slight differences which are worth mentioning. In general, all leading assessment providers such as SHL, Saville Consulting, and Kenexa, use these tests in different names. 

  1. Abstract reasoning – Shape matrices and Raven matrices. Appear in intelligence tests, job selection tests, and admission tests such as the UKCAT.
  2. Diagrammatic reasoning – Appear in job selection tests and university entrance tests such as IE admission test
  3. Inductive reasoning – Appear in job selection tests, intelligence tests, school tests.

Practice these tests online

JobTestprep offers the most comprehensive practice pack for non verbal reasoning tests. From our experience, candidates who go through all the types of non verbal reasoning tests are more likely to score higher when they sit the real test. 

Take a look at our customised non verbal reasoning tests practice pack >>

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