About the UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Subtest

The UKCAT Abstract Reasoning test is used to assess one’s ability to recognise patterns as well as generate hypotheses, change tracks, and critically evaluate. You will need to consider these skills throughout this section of the test. The test does not contain numbers or words, rather the questions are based on patterns of provided shapes.

Why Is There a UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Subtest?

When diagnosing a patient, doctors are often provided with symptoms and/or test results. While some of the information may be relevant, clear, and reliable, some of the provided information may not be. Doctors and dentists need to consider this and identify which information will help them in arriving at conclusions. Such research generally includes recognising patterns in test results in order to diagnose and then treat a patient.

UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Section Format

There are four different question types in the Abstract Reasoning section:

  • Type 1 - You will be given a test shape and asked to decide to which set of shapes presented your shape belongs (Set A, Set B, or Neither).
  • Type 2 - You will need to choose which shape comes next in the provided series of shapes.
  • Type 3 - You will need to select which shape completes the provided statement (involving a group of shapes). These statements are in the form of an analogy.
  • Type 4 - There will be two sets of shapes and you will need to choose which answer choice belongs to one of the sets.

The Abstract Reasoning section is comprised of 55 questions (associated with sets of shapes) to be completed in 13 minutes (plus one minute for instructions).

UKCAT Abstract Reasoning Sample Questions

Question Type 1

Where does the following test shape belong?

ukcat abstract reasoning practice

Question Type 2

ukcat abstract reasoning practice example

Question Type 3

This question is an analogy. Which of the five shapes below completes the set, where shape 2 is to shape 1 as shape 4 is to shape 3 (in a clockwise direction from top left).

ukcat abstract reasoning practice question

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