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Forming part of the Kenexa psychometric test battery, the Kenexa logical reasoning test is rarely administered as a standalone test. Generally, major companies will use this test alongside the Kenexa verbal reasoning test and the Kenexa numerical reasoning test.

High performance on any of the tests in the series isn't guaranteed. However, at JobTestPrep we have discovered that results can be improved dramatically with correct practise and an understanding of how the tests work. This is particularly relevant to the Kenexa logical reasoning test series as these tests use a different pattern of thinking you are normally faced with. Therefore, learning how these tests work will help you achieve the results you desire and need to advance through the job application process.

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Who uses Kenexa tests?

In today’s world, where every company is trying to cut the costs of the hiring process, psychometric tests are now commonplace. From the largest of companies to the smallest, they are all using tests of some kind in order to more easily hire people who are ideally suited to the role. Some companies using the Kenexa tests are: Deutsche Bank, Nomura and Balfour Beatty to name but a few.

How do they work?

The Kenexa logical reasoning tests are more commonly known as inductive reasoning tests and they assess your ability to identify a pattern among a set of different objects. You then need to predict the missing object in the sequence. We will go through an example below: Which of the following shapes below fits into the pattern?

Kenexa Logical Reasoning Test Sample

The correct answer is

Kenexa Logical Reasoning Test Example

The sketch is built stage by stage and in each step an additional line is added. This guideline eliminates answer choices 1, 2 and 4. Notice also that the new line never touches the last line added, which eliminates answer choice 5. Therefore the correct answer has to be choice 3.

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