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Lion is a leading beverage and food company, producing many household-name brands (Corona, Yoplait, Just Juice, Milel, Cracker Barrel, and more) for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Lion employ close to 7,500 people across a range of jobs.

Lion is usually ranked very high in the Top Graduate Employers in Australia list. Thus, competition for a position with Lion is fierce, and the company can afford to take the people who really stand out to work with it.

The recruitment process for both graduate positions and experienced jobs is long, and this article will set out the process for each before discussing the individual stages and the resources available to prepare for each stage. As Lion employs a large range of people in a variety of professions, the recruitment process may differ slightly for different jobs.


Candidates are expected to reference Lion’s core purpose and values throughout their applications.

  • Core purpose - growing sociability and well-being in our world.
  • Values - integrity; achieving together; sociability; well being; and passion.

Lion Application Form

The application form is your first opportunity to tell Lion why they should employ you. Use your application to tell them about your strengths, what you like to do, and what motivates you. Applicants for an experienced position will attach a covering letter and CV to the application, whilst graduate applicants will answer some open-ended and behavioural questions on the form.

The covering letter should contain information about the role you are applying for, why you are applying for it, and why you think you are suitable for the position. There should be no overlap between your covering letter and your CV. The letter should be tailored to the role with Lion, addressing the key selection criteria with your experiences and behaviours. Don’t forget to use the covering letter to sell yourself.

You are also required to attach your CV. This should be concise, and kept short. It should contain the following information: personal details; career objective; education; personal associations; employment overview; employment history; additional skills and training; interests; referees. Lion receives a lot of applications for each position, so you need a CV and covering letter that can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Psychometric Tests

Lion uses online assessments to recruit to all jobs. You may be asked to sit up to three psychometric tests on top of a personality test. These tests are provided by Saville Consulting. The exact tests you will sit depend on the role you are applying for. Lion will notify you in advance of the tests you will be taking. It is also worth considering that the pass mark may be different for different roles, especially as some jobs will have greater emphasis on verbal skills, others on numerical skills. Practising is key to improving your score in the tests. JobTestPrep have created practice packs for the tests you are likely to sit.

Numerical Test

The numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to evaluate numerical data presented in the form of tables and graphs. In addition, you are tested on other abilities including making numerical inferences, evaluating quantities, and comparing data. The test is taken in timed conditions, with 16 minutes to answer 32 questions. JobTestPrep can help you prepare for these tests with our numerical reasoning practice pack.

Verbal Test

Verbal reasoning tests assess your ability to evaluate complex written information. On this test, you are given a short passage to read, followed by four questions on that passage. You must base your answer solely on the information in the passage, even if you disagree with the information provided, or feel that some information is missing. The test is time limited, with 32 questions to answer in 16 minutes, just half a minute to answer each question. Practice is key for improving your ability to read and process information quickly and accurately. See how JobTestPrep’s Saville-style verbal reasoning practice pack can help you.

Abstract Reasoning Test

An abstract reasoning test examines your ability to reason and form logical conclusions without using words or numbers. On this test, there will be a sequence of shapes based on some form of logical pattern. Your role is to pick the next shape in the sequence. Practising for abstract reasoning tests helps you learn how to identify the pattern in the sequence and improves your chances of getting a good score. JobTestPrep’s Saville abstract reasoning test practice can help you learn these skills.

Error Checking Test

Some candidates are asked to take an Error Checking test. On this test you are given lists of information to check through and spot errors. You need to compare the information in the transposed list against the original information also included on the page. You are given a coding key for each question to help you understand the information included. There is a lot to do in this test with 6 minutes to answer 24 questions. Learn more about it and how to prepare with our Saville-style error checking test practice pack. 

Personality Test

You may be asked to take a personality, or professional styles questionnaire. This test will look at the match between your personality profile and the personality profile on the job description for the role you are applying to. Preparing in advance for a personality test can help you identify the traits they are looking for, and how your personality matches this requirement. Prepare for the personality test with JobTestPrep here.


In all application processes, you will have at least two interviews. Experienced hire candidates will have a first interview with the Hiring Leader and a leader from People & Culture, and a second interview with the Hiring Leader’s leader. Graduates will have a telephone or video interview, and a final interview at the Lion assessment center.

In each interview you will be asked a similar set of questions. The interviewer wants to know about you, your career aspirations, your choice to work for Lion, and in the role you are applying for. There are questions about past experiences in employment, school or extracurricular activities, and there are some behavioural and skills based questions. Lion places a strong emphasis on how you back up your answers, giving examples from your past experience to demonstrate that you have the skills they are looking for. It is recommended that you use the STAR method to answer these questions. 

Lion Interview Tips

  • Do your research on the company website, read the newspapers and anything else you can find, to find out all you can about the company and what it does.
  • The interview will contain behavioural-based questions - asking you to give examples from your experience, including the situation, the action you took, the outcome and what you learnt. There will also be questions about your functional and technical skills. Make sure you prepare examples in advance.
  • Review your CV ahead of the interview as you will be asked questions about what is on there.
  • Other questions will include asking about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practice ahead of your interview.
  • Prepare some questions to ask your interviewers at the end of the interview.

Sample Interview Questions

  • Why should Lion hire you?
  • Why do you want to work for Lion?
  • Do your skills match this job or another job more closely?
  • What would you do if you were suddenly asked to run the company? (experienced)
  • Can you give me an example of a time when you could have managed a situation better and how would you approach this situation again? (experienced)

With two interviews in each recruitment process, preparation is extremely valuable. As well as preparing answers for common questions, it is beneficial to rehearse your answers. JobTestPrep have created a interview preparation pack to help you with that.

Assessment Centre

Applicants for experienced jobs may be asked to attend either an assessment center or a social get-together. Graduate applicants who have passed all the previous stages will have a full day assessment center in either Sydney or Melbourne following the format below.

Lion notifies all invitees to an assessment center of the tests that they will have on the day. JobTestPrep’s website contains resources to help you prepare for the different types of activities you may face at an assessment center. 

In Summary

Lion is a popular company in Australia and New Zealand, and competition for jobs with the company is high. The recruitment process is testing on many levels, and you are required to display your skills and your fit to the company at every stage. In this article we have taken you through the graduate program and the experienced hire application process stage by stage, highlighting the resources available to help you prepare for each stage. We hope you have found this useful, and good luck.

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