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JobTestPrep had developed a wide-ranging study guide, which walks you through each segment of Grundfos testing showing you how to arrive at the right answers on your own accord. Our goal is to help you advance in your career and the very first stop is prepping in clear and concise manner.

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Grundfos Interview Process


Depending on your area of competence, be it Digital Marketing, Sales or engineering, the Grundfos Interview Process can vary. However, here are just a few examples of what your hiring process can look like.

District Sales Manager

  • The process will start with a screening phone with a representative of human resources. The goal will be to review your CV and for the company to get an overview of your skill sets.
  • In the next stage, you may be pitted in a panel interview of up to 13 company representatives, divided into two groups of an hour each.

Graduate Engineer

  • The process will start with a 30-minute phone interview, where you will be asked about your CV, skill sets and projects you have worked on in this past. If you pass this stage you will be invited to the assessment centre.
  • The assessment centre will be a full day lasting from 11am-7pm where you will adminsted online tests and have to complete and compete in individual and group tests. The goal is to understand if you can drive results and work with a team.

Grundfos Test Examples

These are test you may encounter during the assessment center stage. The company usually employs CEB SHL aptitude tests.

Verbal Reasoning Exam

In a verbal reasoning test, you will be asked questions that require verbal critical reasoning skills. This test consists of passages followed by statements. You must evaluate each statement according to the given rules.

Logical Reasoning Exam

Logical reasoning tests are more commonly known as inductive reasoning tests and they assess your ability to identify a pattern among a set of different objects. You then need to predict the missing object in the sequence.


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