British Airways Cabin Crew and Ground Operations Online Assessment

British Airways is the United Kingdom’s carrier airline, operating flights out of Heathrow, Gatwick, and London City.

It is unsurprising, then, that British Airways is flooded with applications for cabin crew and ground operations positions. Additionally, BA are known for their graduate schemes which offer a unique jumpstart to your career.

Regardless of position, British Airways will have you complete the British Airways Online Assessment during your recruitment process. The test is supplied by Sova and may contain situational judgment questions and a personality test, depending on whether you are applying for cabin crew, ground operations, or a BA graduate scheme.

All BA SOVA Assessments are covered on our British Airways Assessment Preparation Pack. This page will explain the application process and provide practice questions and tips.

Are you trying to apply for British Airways as a pilot? We have a page dedicated to the BA pilot application process.

British Airways Cabin Crew Assessment

The British Airways PrepPack includes:


  • Full SJT Simulation

  • Full Personality Test Simulation

  • Interactive Personality Test Study Guide


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What Is the British Airways Online Assessment for Cabin Crew and Ground Operations?

There is no single British Airways recruitment test. Rather, the online assessment consists of situational judgment questions and a personality questionnaire, both provided by Sova. The test has no time limit and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

You may also be asked general-knowledge questions about BA, its subsidiaries, parent company, and competitors.

The British Airways Online Assessment is taken at the second stage of your BA recruitment process, after filling out an online application form and sending in your CV. If you haven’t done this yet, this process can be tricky and lengthy in its own right. We go into more detail about the BA application form further down this page.

The British Airways Online Assessment, as per its name, is typically done online. You will receive an email with a link that will take you to BA’s test platform.

Use the following table to determine which online assessments you will be facing, and what other tasks will be included in your British Airways recruitment process. Then, scroll down for tips and examples of British Airways Online Assessment questions.

British Airways Cabin Crew Online Assessment


💡 Scroll down to see examples and explanations of each of these tests:

BA Cabin Crew & Ground Personality Questionnaire

BA Cabin Crew & Ground Personality Test
The first step in joining the British Airways team as a cabin crew member or any other role is taking a Personality Questionnaire. This test assesses how you typically behave in your working environment and is intended to measure various work-related traits and behaviours.

You will be presented with 42 questions; each contains 4 statements. In each block, you will need to rank the statements on a scale of “Most like me” to “Least like me.” You cannot give the same score to two statements within one block.

Let’s take a look –

Please rate the following statements based on how well they describe you, on a scale between Least Like You (1) to Most Like You (5).

You may only select each column once.

Listening to my colleagues' insights is something I enjoy.






Practical considerations take precedence over theoretical concepts for me.






Assuming a leadership role is something I willingly do.






I expect others to recognize the qualities I bring to the table.






BA Cabin Crew & Ground Situational Judgment Test

The next step is a situational judgement test (SJT). This type of assessment, often employed by job recruiters, asks you to select a response to a given scenario. Through your response, British Airways gets a peek into your judgment style, your understanding of the organisational values and culture, and your priorities.

You will be presented with 6 scenarios you may experience while working for British Airlines, followed by 4 courses of action. You need to choose the one you think is most effective and the one you believe is the least effective.

Here is an example that could appear on the British Airways Cabin Crew Online Assessment:

A passenger approaches you to request a seat change due to personal discomfort. As a cabin crew member, what is your most appropriate course of action in this situation?


Politely inform the passenger that seat changes are subject to availability and offer to check if any alternative seats are available.


Apologize to the passenger and explain that seat changes are not permitted once the aircraft doors are closed for safety reasons.


Listen attentively to the passenger's concerns, empathize with their discomfort, and consult with the senior crew member to explore potential seat change options.


Direct the passenger to their assigned seat and assure them that cabin crew members will be available to assist with any immediate comfort-related requests during the flight.

Practice for all BA cabin crew and ground operations assessments is available on our BA PrepPack:

  • British Airways Situational Judgment Test Simulation, with detailed explanations for each scenario, to improve your ability to make the optimal decision.

  • British Airways Personality Questionnaire Simulation, explicitly tailored for Flight Attendants, familiarising you with the type of questions and how to approach them.

  • Personality Questionnaire Study Guide helping you to best answer each question based on your role.

British Airways Cabin Crew & Ground - Application Form

All British Airways candidates will begin by submitting a detailed application form.

One important thing to keep in mind while filling out this form is that BA conducts thorough background checks on their new recruits, especially cabin crew. It is advisable to allocate due attention and time to the form-filling stage because any inaccuracy in the information you provide will likely come to light later in the process.

While answering open-ended questions about your motivations for working with BA, try sprinkling in keywords that pertain to BA’s core values, as doing so may help boost your application. Do the same with your CV.

If you are applying to become a British Airways Cabin Crew member, make sure you get the point across that you are not looking to travel for free, meet people, or amass experiences. Though you will certainly have the chance to do these, your recruiters want to know that becoming a crew member is a serious career choice and that you have given it proper thought and consideration.

During the application process, you may also be asked questions about BA, as well as its subsidiaries and parent company (IAG). Make sure you research the company before sitting down to fill in the form

British Airways Cabin Crew Assessment Centre

After passing the British Airways Cabin Crew Online Assessment, or the Graduate Scheme assessment, your last step will be attending the BA assessment centre.

Currently, nearly all British Airways assessment days are being held virtually. If you do have to travel, BA will be unable to reimburse your travel expenses.

Your BA Assessment Centre will feature a case study - You and the group will be presented with a scenario, and be asked to discuss the correct response. As with other group exercises, it is recommended to treat people respectfully, call them by their names, and make your voice heard without trumping others. The goal isn't to assert dominance and show leadership, but rather to demonstrate that you are a team player.

Also on the BA Assessment Day - you will be asked to verify any important documentation, such as a permit to live and work in the UK.

Lastly, you will be given a one-on-one interview. 

How to prepare for the British Airways Cabin Crew Interview

The BA Assessment Centre interview typically takes between 45 minutes to an hour. You will be sitting across engaged and curious recruiters who will want to hear all about you and answer your questions, and this is your chance to show them your good side and make an impression. Here are some tips to help you:

Research British Airways  
Show that joining British Airways is not just a passing phase for you by demonstrating you knowledge of the company, its values, its policies, and its history.
Dress to Impress 
Although British Airways Cabin Crew Assessment Days have largely moved online, your recruiters expect you to dress and behave exactly as though you were taking the interview face-to-face. This is especially true for cabin crew candidates, as your appearance and demeanour will represent British Airways in the skies.

Shine Bright Like a STAR 
The STAR Method is an interviewing technique that has become so ubiquitous, recruiters have come to expect it. To format an interview answer after the STAR method, simply provide an example of a struggle you once faced, and detail how you alleviated the situation in a way that reflects the traits and capabilities BA are looking for.

After the assessment centre, there is a referencing process which can take as long as 3 months for airside roles and much less for non-airside roles.

This is done for safety.

Customer-facing and airside roles may also take medical tests, drug tests, and criminal record bureau checks.

British Airways cabin crew candidates may be invited to do a functionality test, to ensure your physical dimensions allow you to reach emergency exit levers.

As a rule of thumb, no tattoo can be visible on an area that is not covered by the BA pilots’ uniform. This means neck tattoos, face tattoos, and upper-arm or hand tattoos. Other tattoos are permissible, but as a BA pilot, you will be asked to wear white undergarments to prevent upper body tattoos from being visible through the uniform.